Learning Ladino

Mobile Applications to learn Ladino

Free Ladino Courses on YouTube

Books to learn Ladino

Courses and private lessons

  • Ladino 21 has short (4x1 hour) courses in Ladino with Alejandro Acero Ayuda and/or with Carlos Yebra López. They also offer private classes.

  • eSefarad has short (4x1 hour) courses in Ladino with Liliana Benveniste. There are 6 different courses from beginner to advanced levels.

  • Ladino Linguist has a long 16-session 20 hours course with Bryan Kirschen.

  • italki has no Ladino teachers. However I exchanged email with their support and as they have Ladino listed on their site one can apply to be a teacher or a community tutor.

Studying Ladino

There are several Universities that offer Ladino courses in some way:

Practice speaking

  • We have a WhatsApp group called Echar Lashon. Twice a week we have a Zoom session where we talk about everything in ladino. Come and join us. It's free!