Ladino to Inglez dictionary

'haiti Haiti
'holanda Netherlands
'holandeza dutch
'holandezas dutch
'holandezes dutch
'holandezo dutch
'hong-kong Hong Kong
a at, to
a la fin at the end, finally
a la letra literally, to the letter
a las eskondidas behind somebody's back (to do something)
a partir de beginning from
a pie on foot
a pye on foot
abafada stewed
abafadas stewed
abafado stewed
abafados stewed
abanda abandons
abandamos abandon
abandan abandon
abandas abandon
abandash abandon
abando abandon
abandonar abandon
abashada cold, downhill, flu
abashamentado with cold
abashamiento cold, flu
abashar get down, lower, take down, to download
abasho below, down, downwards
abastar be enough, be sufficient
abasteser provide
abatida depressed, distressed
abatidas depressed, distressed
abatido depressed, distressed
abatidos depressed, distressed
abediguar assist, help
abistru ostrich
abitual habitual, usual
abituales habitual, usual
abituar accustom
abokarse to lean forward
aboltar turn
abonada subscriber
abonadas subscriber
abonado subscriber
abonados subscriber
abondansa abundance
abondante abundant, plentiful
abondar abound
aborreser detest, hate
abotonar button
abotonarse button up
abrasar embrace
abraso embrace, hug
abrasos embraces, hugs
abrevar water
abreviasion abbreviation
abreviasiones abbreviations
abrigarse protect oneself, take shelter, wrap oneself up
abrigo refuge, shelter
abrigos refuges, shelters
abrikok apricot
abrikot apricot
absoluto absolute
abudaho dried salted fish roe
abudaraho dried salted fish roe
abutargo dried salted fish roe
achakes because of
achilearse to become emancipated, to open
achunkado crouched
ada island
adas islands
adelanta advances
adelantamos advance
adelantan advance
adelantar advance, be fast (clock), make progress
adelantas advance
adelantash advance
adelante ahead, forward
adelantimos advance
adelanto advance
adelantre ahead, forward
ademas besides, moreover
adio good-bye
adiyo good-bye
adjami inexperienced, novice
adjamia inexperienced, novice
adjektival adjectival
adjektivo adjective
adjektivos adjectives
adjensia agency
adjensias agencies
adjile haste, hurry
adjuntar join, unite
adjusta adds
adjustamos add
adjustan add
adjustar add
adjustas add
adjustash add
adjusti added
adjusto add
administrar administer
admirar admire
admirasion admiration
adolensyarse fall ill, whine
adolesensia adolescence
adovar fix, mend, repair
adreso address
adresos addresses
adyentro in
aedada aged, old
aedadas aged, old
aedado aged, old
aedados aged, old
aeroporto airport
aeroportos airports
afalagar comfort, console
afarsemon persimmon
aferrada smitten
aferradas smitten
aferrado smitten
aferrados smitten
aferrar hold in place, seize
aferrar abashada catch cold
afganistan Afghanistan
afilu even, though
afish poster
afishes posters
afitar happen, occur
afito constipation, event, happening
aflijar afflict, distress, grieve
aflijarse grieve
aflijido bleak, hurting, melancholic, sorrowful
afloshar loosen, slacken
afogar drown, suffocate
afogarse drown o.s., suffocate
afriisyon deprivation, persecution
afrika Africa
afrision deprivation, persecution
aftaha hope
afuera out, outside
afumar cure, smoke
aga lord, master
agora now
agosto August
agra sour
agrada likes
agradamos like
agradan like
agradar like
agradar a... be pleasing to
agradas like
agradash like
agradavle courteous, kind, pleasant
agradavles courteous, kind, pleasant
agradeser be thankful
agradesiente thankful
agradesimiento gratitude
agrado like
agranada pomegranate
agranadas pomegranates
agras sour
agro sour
agros sour
agua water
aguja needle
agujas needles
aguzada sharp
aguzadas sharp
aguzado sharp
aguzador sharpener
aguzados sharp
aguzar sharpen
aharientar damage
aharientarse get damaged
aharova carob
aharvar beat, strike
ahududu raspberry
ahuera out, outside
ainda still, yet
ainito aniseed
aire air, draught, wind
ajektivo adjective
ajektivos adjectives
ajena stranger
ajenas stranger
ajeno stranger
ajenos stranger
akademia academy
akademika academic
akademikas academics
akademiko academic
akademikos academics
akademiya academy
akaju mahogany
akasia acacia
akasya acacia
akavar finish
akel that
akeya that
akeyas those
akeyo that
akeyos those
aki here
aklarar clear
akodrar remember
akomodar accommodate
akompanyar accompany
akonteser occur
akordar concede, grant
akordarse agree
akordo agreement
akorruto often
akostumbrar accustom
aksan accent
aksento accent
aksentuar accentuate, stress
aksentuasion accentuation
aksepta accepts
akseptamos accept
akseptan accept
akseptar accept
akseptas accept
akseptash accept
aksepto accept
akseso access
aksidente accident
aksidentes accidents
aksion action
aksiones actions
aktiva active
aktivas active
aktividad activity
aktividades activities
aktivo active
aktivos active
akto act
aktor actor
aktores actors
aktrisa actress
aktrisas actresses
aktual actual
akudir hurry to help, rush up
akumplida accomplished, gifted
akumplidas accomplished, gifted
akumplido accomplished, gifted
akumplidos accomplished, gifted
al at, to
al kontrario on the contrary
al otro anyo en vida de todos
al otro anyo mijorado
al vermos See you
ala wing
alarga lengthens
alargamos lengthen
alargan lengthen
alargar extend, lengthen, prolong
alargas lengthen
alargash lengthen
alargo lengthen
alarmar alarm
alay multitude
albania Albania
alburniya fried eggplant in tomato sauce
alderredor around
aldikera pocket
aldikeras pockets
alegre glad, happy
alegres glad, happy
alegria happiness, joy
alegrias happinesses, joys
alegriya happiness, joy
alegriyas happinesses, joys
aleman German
alemania Germany
aleshar move away
alevantar lift
alevantarse get up
alfilar pin, string (beads, etc.)
alfinete pin
algo something
algodon cotton
alguja needle
algujas needles
algun someone, something
alguna any, some, someone
algunas any, some, someone
alguno any, some, someone
algunos any, some, someone
alhad Sunday
alhamora hot flushes, reddening of the face
alicha fish, very small
alimentar feed
alimento food
alimpiar clean
alimpyar clean
alishtereado accustomed
alishterear accustom
aljeria Algeria
alkansar reach
alkavo last, the last one
alkide sugar candy
alkilar rent, rent out
alkol alcohol
alkunya surname
alma soul, spirit
almada pillow
almadas pillow
alman German
almania Germany
almario cupboard
almarios cupboards
almaryo cupboard
almaryos cupboards
almastiga mastic
almenara chandelier
almendra almond
almendras almonds
almodrote eggplant or courgette soufflé
alora therefore
alsafran saffron
alta tall
altas tall
alto tall
altos tall
aluenga tongue
aluengas tongues
ama but, master, proprietor
amable gentle, kind
amables gentle, kind
amada loved
amadas loved
amado loved
amados loved
aman help, pardon, pity
amaneser dawn
amante lover
amantes lovers
amanyana tomorrow
amarga bitter
amargas bitter
amargo bitter
amargos bitter
amargura bitterness
amariya yellow
amariyas yellow
amariyo yellow
amariyos yellow
amas masters, proprietors
amatar turn off
amator amateur
amavle gentle, kind
amavles gentle, kind
ambasador ambassador
ambezamiento instruction, teaching
ambezar learn
ambezarse get accustomed, learn
ambierto hungry
ambre hunger
amejorear improve
amen amen
amerika america
amerikana Calico, cotton cloth
amiga friend
amigas friends
amigo friend
amigos friends
amijorar improve
amijorarse improve, recover
amistad friendship
amistoza friendly
amistozas friendly
amistozo friendly
amistozos friendly
amo master, proprietor
amofado mouldy
amokarse blow one's nose
amor love
amores loves
amos masters, proprietors
amostrar show
amufado mouldy
ananas pineapple
ancha extensive, wide
anchas extensives, wide
ancho extensive, wide
anchor width
anchos extensives, wide
anchua anchovy
anchura affluence, comfort
anchusa spinach baked with egg and cheese
anchuya anchovy
anda stretcher
andar march, walk
ande where, where to
andjak hardly, however
andjel angel
andjela angel
andjeles angels
andjelo angel
andjinara artichoke
andora Andorra
anekdota anecdote, joke
anekdotas anecdotes, jokes
anekso annex, attachment
anesteziko anaesthetic
anfitrion amphitryon, host
anfitriona amphitryon, host
angola Angola
animal animal
animales animals
animar animate
anis aniseed
aniversario birthday
aniyo ring
aniyos rings
anketa poll
anoche last night
anonima anonymous
anonimas anonymous
anonimo anonymous
anonimos anonymous
ansi so
ansiklopedia encyclopaedia
ansina so
antari dress worn by men and women
antepasados forefathers
antes before
antika antique
antikas antiques
antikita antiquity
antiko antique
antikos antiques
antisemitizmo anti-semitism
antiyer day before yesterday
antojera optician
antojeras opticians
antojero optician
antojeros opticians
antojos glasses, spectacles
anunsiar announce, proclaim
anunsio announcement
anunsios announcements
anvelop envelope
anyada year
anyada buena i klara
anyo year
anyos years
anyudo knot
aogar drown, suffocate
aogarse drown o.s., suffocate
apanyar seize
aparejar prepare
aparente apparent
apareser appear
apartada isolated, remote
apartadas isolated, remote
apartado isolated, remote
apartados isolated, remote
apartamento apartment
apartar separate
aparte apart, aside
apegar glue, infect, join together, slap, stick
apegarse be glued, be stuck
apenas hardly, scarcely
apenas ke as soon as
aperseverse become aware, notice
apetite appetite
apetites snacks, titbits
aplikasion application
aplikasiones applications
apoyar lean, prop against, support
apoyarse rest on
apoyo support
apozar lay down
aprender learn
aprendizaje apprenticeship
apresiar appreciated
apresiasion appreciation, respect
apresurarse hurry
apresyar appreciated
apretar squeeze, tighten
aproksimativamente approximately
aprontar prepare
apropiada appropriate
apropiadas appropriate
apropiado appropriate
apropiados appropriate
aprovar try
apuntar aim, emphasize, point at
apunto a moment ago, immediately, just now
araba car, carriage
arabas carriages, cars
arabia saudita Saudi Arabia
arabo Arab
arabos Arabs
arankar break, detach, pick, pluck, tear, uproot
aranya spider
araparse shave
arar plough
arar la mar split open
arba day before, eve
archivo archive, file
archivos archives, files
ardjentina Argentina
ardor ardour
ariento in
arina flour
arjentina Argentina
arkitekta architect
arkitektas architects
arkitekto architect
arkitektos architects
arkivo archive, file
arkivos archives, files
arko arc
arma arm
armada army
armadas armies
armenia Armenia
arnautluk Albania
arrankar break, detach, pick, pluck, tear, uproot
arraskarse scratch
arraviada cross, on bad terms
arraviadas cross, on bad terms
arraviado cross, on bad terms
arraviados cross, on bad terms
arraviarse be crossed
arrazgar tear
arrebashamiento scorn
arrebashar humiliate
arregalar make a present of
arreglamiento arrangement, settlement
arreglar arrangement, settlement
arrekojer collect
arrelumbrar illuminate
arremangarse roll up one's sleeves
arrematar finish off
arrepentimiento repentance
arrepentirse give up
arrepintirse repent
arrepushar push, shove
arresentarse moderate oneself, temper down
arrestar arrest, stop
arretarse stop
arreventar burst, crush, smash
arreves upside down
arrimar lean, support
arrimarse come close to, lean
arriva on the top, up, upstairs
arrivar arrive
arrogar pray
arrondjar expel, push, shove
arroz rice
arrozar irrigate, water
arrufiar sprinkle, water
arrufyar irrigate
arrugar wrinkle
arta fed up, full
artas fed up, full
arte art
artikolo article
artikolos articles
arto fed up, full
artos fed up, full
arvol tree
arvole tree
arvoles trees
as ace
asaltar assault
asasina assassin, murderer
asasinas assassins, murderers
asasino assassin, murderer
asasinos assassins, murderers
asegurar insure, secure
asemejante similar
asender ignite, illuminate, light
asentador seat
asentarse sit
aser ke however, nevertheless, since, then, whereas
aserkar bring near
aserkarse approach, come near
ashkenazi ashkenazi
ashkenazis ashkenazis
ashugar trousseau
asi so, thus
asia Asia
asigun according to
asistiente assistant
asistir assist
askerlik military service
asolombrar cast a shadow on
asoltar release
asorva currant
asparago asparagus
aspekto aspect
asperar wait
aspirin aspirin
asta till, until, up to
astronomika astronomical
astronomiko astronomical
astronota astronaut
astronotas astronauts
astronoto astronaut
astronotos astronauts
asukar sugar
atadijo link
atadijos links
atagantar annoy, bore
atagentar annoy, bore
atakanar arrange, put in order
atakanarse dress up
atakar attack
atamiento attachment
atamientos attachments
atansion attention, civility
atansyon attention, civility
atar tie
atarse get attached
atension attention, civility, worry
atomika atomic
atomiko atomic
atras back, backwards, behind
atrazar be slow (clock), retard
atrazarse back up, retard
atrivirse dare
atudrida thoughtless
atudridas thoughtless
atudrido thoughtless
atudridos thoughtless
aturvar disturb
audio audio
audios audios
augmentar augment, increase
aumar cure, smoke
aumentar augment, increase
aunar unite
aunke although, though
australia Australia
austria Austria
autentika authentic
autentikas authentic
autentiko authentic
autentikos authentic
autor author
autores authors
autoridad authority
autoridad palestiniana Palestinian Authority
ava dry beans
ava freska broad beans, fava beans
avagar slowly
avagariko slow, slowly
avansar advance
avantaje advantage
avenida avenue
avenir future
aver have
averdadear make evident
avertir advise, warn
avierta open
aviertas open
avierto open
aviertos open
avika dry beans
avion airplane, plane
aviones airplanes, planes
avisenia Ethiopia
avizo news
avizos news
avla dialect, language, speaks, speech
avladero babbling, chattering
avlamos speak
avlan speak
avlante speaker
avlantes speakers
avlar speak
avlas dialects, languages, speak, speeches
avlash speak
avlo speak
avokado avocado
avokata lawyer
avokatas lawyers
avokato lawyer
avokatos lawyers
avramila green plum
avramilas green plums
avrigo refuge, shelter
avrigos refuges, shelters
avril April
avrir open
avtaha hope
avuela grandmother
avuelas grandmothers
avuelo grandfather
avuelos grandfathers
avyana hazelnut
avyerta open
avyertas open
avyerto open
avyertos open
avyertura opening
ax poor, wretch
ay there are, there is
ay! Alas!, Oh!
aya there
ayde come on
ayegar arrive, reach
ayer yesterday
ayi just there, there
ayifto Egypt
ayinda still, yet
aynara evil eye
ayre air, draught, wind
ayuda aid, assistance, help
ayudar help
ayudo assistance, help
aze does
azemos do
azen do
azer do
azer atansion pay attention
azer pasar el tiempo entertain
azer pena pain
azer portreto portray
azer regalo make a present of
azer shakaruka make flirtatious remark
azerbaydján Azerbaijan
azes do
azesh do
azete oil
azilo asylum
azlaha abundance, success
azno donkey
aznos donkeys
azo ace, do
azul blue
ba'hamas The Bahamas
bagaje luggage
bahreyn Bahrain
bahshish gratuity, tip
bakal grocer
bakanyado cod fish
bakshish gratuity, tip
bala bale, ball, bullet
balabay host
balabaya host
balabayas hosts
balabayes hosts
baldes free
balkon balcony
balsa puddle
banana banana
bananas bananas
banda de kuero strap
bandiera banner, flag
bandieras banners, flags
bangladesh Bangladesh
banka bank
bankera banker
bankeras bankers
bankero banker
bankeros bankers
banko bench
bankos benches
banyo bathroom
banyos bathrooms
bar bar
barabar together
baraber together
baragan brave, robust
barana racket, tumult, uproar
barata cheap
baratas cheap
barato cheap
baratos cheap
barbaro barbarian
barbunya red mullet fish
barbunya fasulya beans (fresh butterbeans)
barka boat (small)
barka motorizada motorboat
barko boat (small)
barkos boats (small)
barragan brave, robust
barrir sweep
basheza baseness
bashitika short
bashitikas short
bashitiko short
bashitikos short
basho low, mean
basketbol basketball
bastante enough, quite
bastar be enough, be sufficient
batalia battle
batalyon battalion
batear hit, knock
bateria battery
baterias batteries
bateriya battery
bateriyas batteries
bava spittle
bavajada gibberish, trifle
bayagi common, ordinary
bayat old, rancid, stale
bayladera ballet-dancer, dancer
bayladeras ballet-dancers, dancers
baylador ballet-dancer, dancer
bayladores ballet-dancers, dancers
baylar dance
bayle dance
bayles dances
baza basis
bazar bazaar, market, souk
bazares bazaars, markets
bekchi guard
bekdji guard
belarús Belarus
belchika Belgium
beliz Belize
beljika Belgium
bendezir bless
bendicha blessed
bendichas blessed
bendicho blessed
bendichos blessed
bendision benediction
bendizir bless
benyarse bathe
benzin gasoline, petrol
benín Benin
beraha benediction
berber barber, hairdresser
berendjena eggplant
bet din rabbinical tribunal
betahayim cemeteries, cemetery
bever drink
bevida drink
bevidas drinks
bezar kiss
bezba bee, wasp
bezo kiss
bezos kisses
bhutan Bhutan
biblia Bible
biblioteka library
bibliotekaria librarian
bibliotekarias librarians
bibliotekario librarian
bibliotekarios librarians
bibliotekas libraries
biblya Bible
bien well
bienfezensia charity
bienvenida welcome
bienvenidas welcome
bienvenido welcome
bienvenidos welcome
biervo word
biervos words
biftek steak
bilbil nightingale
bilibiz roasted chick pea
bilieto ticket
bilietos tickets
bilyeto ticket
bilyetos tickets
bimbriyo quince
bindicha blessed
bindichas blessed
bindicho blessed
bindichos blessed
bira beer
birra fury, great anger
bisikleta bicycle
bisikletas bicycles
biskuchada Zwieback
bivir live
bizba bee, wasp
blanda soft
blandas soft
blando soft
blandos soft
blanka white
blankas white
blankete coal, soap
blanko white
blankos white
blankusha albinos
blankusho albino
blonda blond
blondas blonds
blondo blond
blondos blonds
blu blue
bluza blouse
bluzas blouses
boda marriage, wedding
bodre edge
bodrum basement
bogcha bundle
bogchas bundles
bogo bundle
bogos bundles
bohor first-born
bohora first-born
boka mouth
bokado bite, slice
bokados bites, slices
bokal bottle
bokales bottles
bokas mouthes
bolar fly
bolivia Bolivia
bolsa pouch
bolsa de mujer bag, purse
bolsas pouches
bonete bonnet
bonora good fortune, happiness, luck
bora gust
bordo burgundy, claret
borracha drunk
borrachas drunks
borracho drunk
borrachos drunks
bosfor Bosphorus
bosna Bosnia
bosna i 'hersegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina
bosnia Bosnia
bostan market garden
bota barrel
botas barrels
botika shop
botin loot
boton button
botones buttons
botswana Botswana
bovedad silliness
bovo silly, stupid
boy dimensions, heght, size
boyo savoury flaky pastry
boyo de rayo cheese cookies
boyos savoury flaky pastry
boz voice
bozes voices
braga panties
bragas breeches, panties
braso arm
brasos arms
brava brave
bravo brave
bravura bravery
braza live charcoal
brazil Brazil
brezil Brazil
brig brig
brindar Toast, offer voluntarily
brisko peach
briskos peaches
brodar embroider
broshura brochure, pamphlet
broshuras brochure, pamphlet
bruido noise
bruma fog, mist
brumozo foggy, misty
bruney Brunei
bruska brusque, dark
bruskas brusque, dark
brusko brusque, dark
bruskos brusque, dark
buchuk twin
buena OK, good
buenas OK, good
buenas tadres good afternoon
bueno OK, good
buenos OK, good
buenos dias good morning
bulbul nightingale
bulgaria Bulgaria
bulgariya Bulgaria
bulisa housewife, landlady
bulisas housewifes, landladies
bulto bulk
burakito de alguja needle-hole
burako hole
burkina faso Burkina Faso
burlarse de mock
burma Burma
buro office, study
buros offices
burundi Burundi
bushka search
bushkar search
bushkida search
bushkidas searches
butika shop
buto goal
butos goals
buyir boil
buyrun welcome
buz frost, ice
buzana ice-box, very cold place
buziera refrigerator
buzyera refrigerator
byen well
byervo word
byervos words
chad Chad
chadir umbrella
chadirdjis umbrella salesman
chaftear bump into, clash, knock
chaketon slap
chanaka pot
chanaka de sateiit satellite dish
chanakas pots
chanta purse
chanta de ombre briefcase
chantas purses
chapeo hat
chapeos hats
chapeta hot flushes, reddening of the face
chapetas hot flushes, reddening of the face
chapeyo hat
chapeyos hats
chapin shoe
chapines shoes
chaptear bump into, clash, knock
chark wheel
charke wheel
charshi market
charshis markets
charuka mule, slipper
chaucha na
chay tea
chaydanlik kettle, teapot
chaylik kettle, teapot
chekia Czech Republic
chicolata chocolate
chika small, young
chikas small
chikes childhood
chikez childhood
chiklet chewing-gum
chiko small, young
chikolata chocolate
chikos small
chile Chile
china China
chini plate
chizme boot
chizmes boots
choban shepherd
chuflar whistle
chuflete whistle
chupeta sucker for baby, titina
claim claim, pretend
da gives
dado dice
dainda still, yet
dalkavo last, the last one
danimarka Denmark
danyo damage, harm
dar give
dar a entender explain
dar haber inform
dar razon concede
dar uti iron
darse kuento notice
das give
data date
datile date
dato data
datos data
de from, of
de ande where
de banka financial
de fruta fruit (tree)
de kaza domestic
de komer comestible
de muevo again
de vez en kuando from time to time
debaldes free
debasho under, underneath
debate debate
decembre December
dechidir decide
dechidirse decide
dechizion decision
dechiziones decisions
dechizyon decision
dechizyones decisions
dedikarse dedicate oneself
dedo finger
dedos fingers
defender defend, forbid, protect
defenderse defend oneself
defile fashion show
defunkta deceased
defunktas deceased
defunkto deceased
defunktos deceased
degustar taste (wine)
dekada decade
dekadas decades
deke why
dekor scenery, set
dekreto decree, edict
del of the
delantal apron
delantre in front
delegar delegate
delisioza delicious
delisiozo delicious
demanda question, request
demandar ask, request
demandas questions, requests
demanyana morning
demaziado too much
demokrasia democracy
demostrar demonstrate
demprana early
dempranas early
demprano early
dempranos early
dempues after, later
demuevo again
depender depend
derecha right
derecho right, straight
derechos rights
derritir melt
derrokar knock down
desbafar relieve oneself
desde since
desdenio disdain
desdichada unhappy, unlucky
desdichado unhappy, unlucky
desen design
desendiente descendant
desendientes descendants
desgrasia misfortune
deshar abandon, leave
desidar decide
desiembre December
desinar sketch
desizion decision
desiziones decisions
desizyon decision
desizyones decisions
deskansar rest
deskarada shameless
deskaradas shameless
deskarado shameless
deskarados shameless
deskarinyo longing, nostalgia
deskonfiensa mistrust
deskorajar discourage
deskorchar peel, remove skin from, skin
deskripsion description
deskripsiones descriptions
deskrivir describe
deskudiada careless
deskudiadas careless
deskudiado careless
deskudiados careless
deskudio carelessness
deskuvijar uncover
deskuvrir discover, uncover
desmazalada misfortunate, unlucky
desmazalado misfortunate, unlucky
desmodrado incongruous
desordenada disorderly
desordenado disorderly
despareser disappear
despues after, later, posterior, subsequent
desrepozo ailment
destakamento detachment
destakar detach, detail
destino destiny
destruir destroy
detalio detail
detalios details
detalyo detail
detalyos details
detener hold back, stop
detras posterior, subsequent
devda debt
dever duty, owe, task
devista at once, immediately
devo owe
devorar devour
deya piece
deynda still
dezayuno breakfast
dezayunos breakfasts
dezeo desire, wish
dezesperarse despair
dezeyar wish
dezierto desert
dezir say
dezorden confusion, disorder
dezvelopar develop
dia day
dia entero all day
dialekto dialect
dialektos dialects
diario diary
dias days
diaspora diaspora
diavlo devil
dicha saying
dichas sayings
dicho article, report, saying, statement
dichos articles, reports, sayings, statements
dichozamente fortunately
dichozo happy, lucky
diente tooth
dientes teeth
dientista dentist
dientistas dentists
dientisto dentist
dientistos dentists
diez ten
diezen tenth
diferensia difference, disparity
diferensias differences, disparities
diferente different, un like
diferentes different, un like
difikultad difficulty
difikultades difficulties
difisil difficult
difuzar diffuse
difuzyon diffusion
diksionario dictionary
diksionarios dictionaries
diksionaryo dictionary
diksionaryos dictionaries
diminutivo dimunitive
diminutivos dimunitives
dinero money
dingun no, none
dinguna nobody
dingunas nobody
dinguno nobody
dingunos nobody
dinyidad dignity
dio God
dios Gods
diplomada bachelor (degree)
diplomadas bachelor (degree)
diplomado bachelor (degree)
diplomados bachelor (degree)
direksion address, direction
direksiones addresses, directions
direkta direct
direktamente directly
direktas direct
direkto direct
direktor director, manager
direktora director, manager
direktoras directors, managers
direktores directors, managers
direktos direct
dirito right
disiembre December
disko disk
diskriminasion discrimination, distinction
diskriminasiones discriminations, distinctions
diskulpar excuse, exonerate
diskusion argument, discussion
diskutir argue, discuss
dispozar make use of
distinguir distinguish
distraida absent-minded
distraidas absent-minded
distraido absent-minded
distraidos absent-minded
distribuir distribute, share out
diverso diverse
divertirse have a good time
diya day
diyas days
diz knee
dizes knees
dizir say
djaketa jacket
djaketas jackets
djamdji glass blower, glass seller, glazier
djarro jug
djarros jugs
djeneral general
djenero gender
djenitores parents
djente people
djesto gesture
djestos gestures
djibeladjuz shrew
djibraltar Gibraltar
djibuti Djibouti
djoranalista journalist
djoranalistas journalists
djoranalisto journalist
djoranalistos journalists
djoven young, young man
djovenes young, young men
djovina young, young woman
djovinas young, young women
djoya jewel
djoyero jeweler
djuben cossack worn by high ranking rabbis
djudaismo judaism
djudeo Jew
djudeo-espanyol Ladino, judeo-spanish
djudezmo Ladino
djudia Jew
djudias Jews
djudio Jew
djudios Jews
djueves Thursday
djugador player
djugadora player
djugadoras players
djugadores players
djugar play
djugete toy
djugeves Thursday
djugo game
djugos games
djugueves Thursday
djulio July
djuntos joined, together
djurar swear, take an oath
djusta fair, just, right
djustas fair, just, right
djusto fair, just, right
djustos fair, just, right
djuzga judge
djuzgas judges
djuzgo judge
djuzgos judges
do give
doblar double, fold up
dobra good, nice
dobras good, nice
dobro good, nice
dobros good, nice
dodje twelve
doktor doctor
doktora doctor
doktoras doctors
doktores doctors
dokumento certificate, document
dokumento ofisial official document
dolar dollar
dolio mourning
dolor ache, pain
dombala Jerusalem artichoke
domestika domestic
domestikas domestic
domestiko domestic
domestikos domestic
dominasion dominion, power
dondurma ice cream
dondurmas ice creams
dormitorio bedroom, dormitory
dormitorios bedrooms, dormitories
dos two
dospues after, later
dozientos two hundred
dramatika dramatic
dramatikas dramatic
dramatiko dramatic
dramatikos dramatic
droga drug, medicine
drogas drugs, medicines
dubio doubt
dublar double, fold up
dulse sweet
dumalan celeriac, celery root, narrow-minded
duman fog, mist
dunke therefore
dura hard
durante during
duras hard
durasion duration
durera constipation
duri I slept
durmir sleep
duro hard
duros hard
dyez ten
dyezen tenth
e and
ebrea Hebrew
ebreas Hebrew
ebreo Hebrew
ebreos Hebrew
echa accomplished action
echar hurl, throw
echar chiyo howl
echar kon fuersa hurl
echar tino pay attention
echarse jump, launch out, lie down
echarse anyudo knot oneself
echizo spell
echo business, trade, work
echos businesses, trade
edad age
editar edit
editorial editorial
edukasion education
edukasyon education
efasa erases
efasamos erase
efasan erase
efasar erase, rub out
efasas erase
efasash erase
efasi erased
efaso erase
efekto effect
efeto effect
eglenearse have a good time
egoista selfish
egoistas selfish
egoisto selfish
egoistos selfish
egzaltada exultant
egzaltadas exultants
egzaltado exultant
egzaltados exultants
egzamen examination
egzaminar examine
egzekutir execute
egzempio example
egzempios examples
egzemplar exemplary
egzemplo example
egzemplos examples
egzersis exercise
egziliar exile
egzistir exist
ejipto Egypt
ekilibrar balance
ekipo team
ekonomizar save
ekran screen
ekranes screens
ekselente excellent
eksepsion exception
ekseptado except
eksiste exists
ekskuza excuse
ekskuzame excuse me
ekskuzarme excuse me
eksperimentar experiment
eksperimento experiment
eksperimentos experiments
eksperta expert
ekspertas experts
eksperto expert
ekspertos experts
eksplikar explain
eksplikasion explanation
eksplikasiones explanations
eksplorar explore
eksplozar burst, explode
eksplozion explosion
ekspozar expose
ekspozision exposition
ekspresar express
ekspresion expression
ekspresiones expressions
ekspulsion ejection, ezpulsion
ekstender extend
ekuador Ecuador
el he, the
el de despues near, next
el mez ke viene next month
el mijor bese
el salvador El Salvador
el save you know better
elefante elephant
elegante neat, stylish
elegantes neat, stylish
eleksion election
elektriko electric
elektrisita electricity
elektronika electronics
eleva pupil, student
elevas pupil, student
elevo pupil, student
elevos pupil, student
elijir elect
embargo embargo
embarkasion kon vela sail boat
embasador ambassador
embashador ambassador
embiar send
embidia envy, jealousy
embinar mount, ride
embinear mount, ride
embolverse become absorbed
embrenear charm, delight
embrenearse be delighted
embrolio imbroglio, tangle
emerjensia emergency
emerjensias emergencies
emirates arabos unidos United Arab Emirates
emision emission
emosion emotion, excitement, thrill
emosionante emotional
emosionantes emotional
empalukeado na
empedir prevent, stop
empermeable raincoat
empesante beginner
empesantes beginners
empesar begin
empesi started
empesijo beginning
empesijos beginnings
empiegada employee
empiegadas employees
empiegado employee
empiegados employees
emplear go shopping
emportansa importance
emportante important, significant
emportantes important, significant
emportar matter
emporto amount, cost, value
emposivle impossible
emprestada borrowed
emprestadas borrowed
emprestado borrowed
emprestados borrowed
emprestar lend, loan
emprestimo loan
emprimador printer
emprimar print
emprimeriya printing-house
emprimero at first
emprimir print
empéso start
en at, by, in, into, upon
en medio in the middle, obvious
en mizmo tiempo at a time
en prezensia before
en primero beginning
en raporto a in respect to
en supito suddenly
en vista at once
enchikeser reduce
enchusa spinach baked with egg and cheese
endagora a bit ago, just now
endecha elegy, lament
enderechar put right, straighten
endevina fortune-teller, riddle
endevinar guess
endevinas fortune-tellers
endevino fortune-teller
endevinos fortune-tellers
endjinara artichoke
endjuntos at the same time, together
endriva about, on, on top
enero January
enfasyar bore
enfermera nurse
enfermeras nurses
enfermero nurse
enfermeros nurses
enfin finally
enfinkar stick something pointed
enfirma invalid
enfirmas invalid
enfirmeria infirmary
enfirmo invalid
enfirmos invalid
enformatika computer science
enfrente across
enfrente de opposite to
engodrar fatten
engrandeser grow
enjendrar beget, breed
enkantada astonished
enkantadas astonished
enkantado astonished
enkantados astonished
enkashada swindle
enkashar insert, screw (colloq.)
enkaza at (his/her) home
enklinar incline
enkolgar hang
enkomendansa commandment
enkomendar place an order, recommend
enkontrar find, meet
enkontrarse find, meet
enkontro meeting
enkontros meetings
enkorajar encourage, urge on
enlase link
enlases links
enlokeser drive mad, madden
enmofesido mouldy
enprimero at first
enrejistrar register
enrejistraron registered
enriva about, on, on top
ensenyar teach
enshaguar rinse, wash
enshemplo example
enshemplos examples
enshugar dry
ensima above, on top, over
ensupito suddenly
ensuziar dirty
entari dress worn by men and women
entender understand
entendi understood
enteramente entirely
enteres interest
enteresante interesting
enteresantes interesting
enteresar interest
enteresarse take interest
entereso interest
entero whole
enteromper interrupt
enterramiento burial, funeral
enterrar bury
enterrarse be buried
entision intention
entisiones intentions
entonses at that time, then
entornada surrounded
entornadas surrounded
entornado surrounded
entornados surrounded
entornar encircle, surround
entorno environment
entornos environments
entrada entrance
entrafikado intricate
entrar enter
entre among, between
entregar deliver
entremientes meanwhile
entreprisa enterprise
entrevista interview
entrevistas interviewes
entuziasmo enthusiasm
entyende understands
entyendemos understand
entyenden understand
entyendes understand
entyendesh understand
entyendo understand
envelop envelope
enventado invented
enventados invented
enventar invent
enverano summer
envitar invite
enyegar deny
epoka epoch, period, time
epokas epochs, periods, times
era I was, age, era, he was, it was, she was
eran they were
eras you were
erash you were
erensia inheritance
erensias inheritances
ergueler hurt
eritrea Eritrea
ermana sister
ermanas sisters
ermanika (little) sister
ermanikas (little) sisters
ermaniko (little) brother
ermanikos (little) brothers
ermano brother
ermanos brothers
ermoza beautiful
ermozas beautiful
ermozo beautiful
ermozos beautiful
ermozura beauty, loveliness
ermozuras beauty, loveliness
ermuera daughter-in-law
eroe hero
eroes heros
es he is, it, it is, she is
esa this
esas these
esbafar relieve oneself
esforsarse exert oneself, strain
esforso effort
esforsos efforts
esfuegra mother-in-law
esfuegras mother-in-law
esfuegro father-in-law
esfuegros father-in-law
esfuenyo sleep
esharpa scarf
esharpas scarfs
eshemplo example
eshemplos examples
eshkidunya loquat
eshkidunyas loquats
eshpital hospital
eshpitales hospitals
eskaldar scald, stew
eskalera staircase
eskalon grade, step
eskalonar spread out at intervals
eskalone grades, steps
eskaner scanner
eskapar finish
eskapi finished
eskapo finish
eskarinyarse long for, miss
eskarinyo longing, nostalgia
eskarvar dig, ransack
esklamar exclaim
eskojer choose
eskola school
eskolas schools
eskonderse hide
eskondida hidden
eskondidas hidden
eskondido hidden
eskondidos hidden
eskorchar peel, remove skin from, skin
eskrita letter, written document
eskritas letters, written documents
eskrito document, writing
eskritor writer
eskritora writer
eskritoras writer
eskritores writer
eskritos documents, writings
eskritura handwriting, script, writing
eskrivi writo
eskrivir write
eskrivo write
eskuchar listen
eskudo shield
eskultor sculptor
eskultora sculptor
eskultoras sculptors
eskultores sculptors
eskupir spit
eskuridad darkness
eskurir drip, squeeze
eskuro dark
eskuzar excuse
esmeralda emerald
eso this
esos these
espada sword
espadas swords
espalda back
espaldas backs
espander stick out
espandida extensive
espandidas extensives
espandido extensive
espandidos extensives
espandir extend
espandirse lie down
espania Spain
espantar frighten
espantarse be frightened
espantavle fearsome
espanto fear, fright, terror
espantoza coward
espantozas cowards
espantozo coward
espantozos cowards
espanya Spain
espanyol Spanish
espartir distribute, share out
espasio space
espasios spaces
espedir despatch
espejo mirror
espejos mirrors
espektador spectator
espektadores spectators
espektakolo spectacle
espekular speculate
espera hopes
esperamos hope
esperan hope
esperansa hope
esperar hope
esperas hope
esperash hope
espero hope
espertar wake
espertarse awaken
espesial special
espesialmente especially
espesyalmente especially
espierta awake, smart
espiertas awake, smart
espierto awake, smart
espiertos awake, smart
espital hospital
espitales hospitals
espor sport
espozorio engagement
espreso espresso
espresos espressos
esta this
estableser establish
estado state
estados states
estados unidos United States
estados unidos de amerika United States
estampa stamp
estampador painer, photographer, printer
estampar stamp
estampas stamps
estanbol Istanbul
estar na
estar desrepozado feel uncomfortable
estar repozado feel comfortable
estar seguro be certain
estas these
estasion station
estasion de benzin gas station
estasiones stations
estatistika statistics
este east, this
estes these
estimada esteemed
estimadas esteemed
estimado esteemed
estimados esteemed
estimar esteem
esto this
estomago stomach
estonia Estonia
estonses at that time, then
estoria history, story
estorias gossip
estornudar sneeze
estornudo sneeze
estornudos sneezes
estorya history, story
estoryas gossip
estos these
estragalakya roasted chick pea, white
estranya strange
estranyas strange
estranyo strange
estranyos strange
estrecha narrow
estrechas narrow
estrecho narrow
estrechos narrow
estreya star
estreyas stars
estridia oyster
estrikta strict
estriktas strict
estrikto strict
estriktos strict
estropiarse get damaged
estudiante student
estudiantes students
estudiar study
estudio study
estudios studies
estupenda stupendous
estupendas stupendous
estupendo stupendous
estupendos stupendous
esvachearse give up
esvichera Switzerland
etaj apartment
etang pond
etiopia Ethiopia
ets. and so on, et caetera, etc.
etsetera and so on, et caetera, etc.
evropa Europe
eya she
eyas they
eyos they
ezmirna Smyrna
facha face
fachas faces
fada fairy
fadada fated
fadadas fated
fadado fated
fadados fated
fakto fact
faktos facts
faldukera pocket
faldukeras pockets
falitar be bankrupt, be ruined
falta error, fault
faltar lack
faltas errors, faults
fama fame
fambre hunger
fambrento hungry
familial family (adj.)
familiar familiar
familyal family (adj.)
familyar familiar
famiya family
famiyas families
famoza famous
famozas famous
famozo famous
famozos famous
fantastika fantastic
fantastikas fantastic
fantastiko fantastic
fantastikos fantastic
fantazia fantasy
fanteziya fantasy
farmasiya pharmacy
farmasiyas pharmacies
fasha diaper, nappy
fashadura baby clothes
fashista fascist
fashistas fascists
fashisto fascist
fashistos fascists
fasil easy
fasiles easy
fastidioza annoying
fastidiozas annoying
fastidiozo annoying
fatigada tired
fatigadas tired
fatigado tired
fatigados tired
fatigar tire
favlar speak
favor favour
favoritismo favoritism, nepotism
faz face
fazas faces
fazer do, make
fea ugly
feas ugly
feder irritate, reek, stink
federasion federation
fedor arrogance, stench, stink
fedorina arrogance, stench, stink
fegado liver
fegados livers
feguza faith, trust
feliche happy
feliches happy
felisida felicity, happiness
felisitasion congratulation
felisitasiones congratulations
felisitasyon congratulation
felisitasyones congratulations
feminino feminine
femininos feminines
feo ugly
feos ugly
ferida hurt, injury, wound
feridas hurt
ferido hurt
feridos hurt
ferir hurt, injure
feuzya faith, trust
fevrero February
fey belief, faith
feyo ugly
fiado on trust
fiarse rely, trust
fidel faithful, loyal
fideos vermicelli
fidjan cup
fidjanes cups
fidji Fiji
fierro iron
fierros irons
fiesta feast
fiestar feast
fiestas feasts
figo fig
figura face, shape
fija daughter, girl
fijas daughters, girls
fiji Fiji
fijo boy, son
fijos boys, sons
fiksa fixed
fiksar fasten, fix, secure
fiksas fixed
fikso fixed
fiksos fixed
fildjan cup
fildjanes cups
filipines Philippines
filmiko (little) film
filmikos (little) films
filmo film, movie
filmos films, movies
filozofia philosophy
filozofias philosophies
fin end
fin de semana week-end
fina delicate, fine
final end, final
finales end, final
finalmente finally
finas delicate, fine
findjan cup
findjanes cups
finlandia Finland
fino delicate, fine
finos delicate, fine
firma signature
firmar sign
fishugar molest
fista till, until, up till
fiuzia faith, trust
flaka feeble, thin, weak
flakas feeble, thin, weak
flako feeble, thin, weak
flakos feeble, thin, weak
flama flame
flamas flames
flamur linden tea
flecha arrow
flechas arrows
fljones fresh black-eyed beans
flor flower
flores flowers
florista florist
floristas florists
floristo florist
floristos florists
flosha limp
floshas limps
flosho limp
floshos limps
flota fleet
flotas fleets
fluidamente fluently
foja leaf, page (of book)
folklor folklore
folklores folklores
fondador founder
fondadora founder
fondadoras founders
fondadores founders
fondasion foundation
fondasiones foundationes
fondo background, bottom
fondos background, bottom
fonksion function
fonksionar function
forma form, shape
formar form, shape
formas forms, shapes
formato format
formatos formats
formiga ant
forsar impose
fortuna fortune, luck
fostan dress
fostanes dresses
foto photo
fotografia photo
fotografias photos
fotolyo armchair, orchestra seat
fotolyos armchairs, orchestra seats
fotos photos
fragmento fragment, part, piece, portion
fragua building, construction
fraguar build, construct
fraguas buildings, constructions
fragula strawberry
fragulas strawberries
frambuaz raspberry
frangula strawberry
frangulas strawberries
franka Frankish, frank, open
franko Frankish, frank, open
fransez French
fransia France
fraza phrase, sentence
frazas phrases, sentences
fregar rub, scrub, wash
freir fry
freno brake
frenos brakes
frente forehead
freska fresh
freskas fresh
fresko fresh
freskos fresh
freza strawberry
frezas strawberries
frijider refrigerator
frijideres refrigerators
frio cold
frios cold
friyir fry
friyo cold
friyos cold
frontiera frontier
frontieras frontiers
fruchiguar multiply, produce
fruta fruit
frutas fruits
frutero fruit seller
frutiera fruit bowl
fruto del pino pine-cone
fue he was, it was, she was, was
fuego fire
fuera out, outside
fueron they were, were
fuersa force, strength
fuersas forces, strengths
fuerta strong
fuertas strong
fuerte strong
fuertes strong
fui I was, was
fuimos we were, were
fuites were, you were
fuitesh were, you were
funesta unfortunate
funestas unfortunate
funesto unfortunate
funestos unfortunate
funikular funicular
funikulares funiculars
furcha brush
furchas brushes
furtuna storm, tempest
fusta skirt
fustas skirts
futbol football
futuro future
futuros futures
fuyir escape, run away
fuzil shotgun
fyerro iron
fyerros irons
gabon Gabon
gajo segment, slice
galecha clog
galechas clogs
gamba prawn
gambia Gambia
gana Ghana, desire
ganar gain
ganeden Garden of Eden, paradise
garganta neck
gargantas necks
garon throat
garson waiter
garsona waitress
garsones waiters
gatiko small cat
gato cat
gatos cats
gaya forkbeard fish
gayardiya gracefulness
gayina hen
gayinas hen
gayinero henhouse
gayna chick, chicken
gaynas chickens, chicks
gayo cock
gayos cocks
gaz gas, oil
gazeta newspaper
gazetas newspapers
gazoza aerated water
gema yolk
gerra war
gerras wars
gerreero fighter
gerrero fighter
gevir lord, master
giador guide
giadora guide
ginea Guinea
ginea ekuatorial Equatorial Guinea
ginea-bisau Guinea-Bissau
ginnam hell
gitara guitar
gitaras guitars
givir lord, master
gizado stew
gizar cook
glisar slide
godra fat
godras fat
godro fat
godros fat
godrura fat, fatness
goler smell
golor scent, smell
gomo filling
governo government
goza enjoys
gozamos enjoy
gozan enjoy
gozar enjoy
gozas enjoy
gozatesh enjoy
gozo enjoy
grado grade
grados grades
gramatika grammar
gramatikas grammars
gramer grammar
gran big
grande big
grandes the elder, the great
granmama grandmother
granpapa grandfather
grasia grace
grasias thanks
grasyas thanks
gratis free
grave grave, serious
graves graves, serious
grecha Greece
grega Greek
gregas Greek
grego Greek
gregos Greek
gresia Greece
greyfrut grapefruit
gritar bellow, roar
grito scream, shout, yell
gritos screams, shouts, yells
griza grey
grizas grey
grizo grey
grizos grey
gronland Greenland
groseriya coarseness, rudeness
grupo group
grupos groups
grönland Greenland
guadrar hide, keep
guantes gloves
guardian guard, watchman
guatemala Guatemala
guay! Alas!, Oh!
gudrura fat, fatness
guerko Satan, devil
guerta small garden
guertalana gardener
guertalanas gardeners
guertalano gardener
guertalanos gardeners
guertas small gardens
guerto na
guesmo smell
guesmos smells
gueso bone
guesos bones
guevo egg
guevos eggs
guia guide
guias guides
guiski whiskey
gurdjia Georgia
gurdjistan Georgia
gustar be pleasing, please
gustarse rejoice
gusto pleasure, taste
guyana Guyana
guzano worm
guzanos worms
haber information, news
hadrarse flounder about, jostle
hadras affected manners, pretentious
hadroza affected, pretentious
hadrozas affected, pretentious
hadrozo affected, pretentious
hadrozos affected, pretentious
haftona thrashing
haham expert, rabbi
haketia Ladino
halis genuine, pure
hamal carrier, porter
hamala carrier, porter
hamalas carriers, porters
hamales carriers, porters
hamburger hamburger
haminado hard-boiled (egg)
hammal carrier, porter
hammala carrier, porter
hammalas carriers, porters
hammales carriers, porters
handrajo rag
handrajos rags
haragan idle, lazy
haragana idle, lazy
haraganud laziness
harova carob
haryento rotten, worm-eaten
hatir favour
haver partner
haverim partner
havuz artificial lake, pond
hazan officiating rabbi
hazina ill, sick
hazinas ill, sick
hazino ill, sick
hazinos ill, sick
hazinura illness, sickness
hazinuras illnesses, sicknesses
helikopter helicopter
helikopteros helicopters
hohombro cucumber
hue was
huego fire
hueron were
huersa force, strength
huersas forces, strengths
hui was
huimos were
huites were
huitesh were
hurma persimmon
i and
idea idea
ideas ideas
idioma idiom
idiomas idioms
igo fig
igual equal, same
igualas equal, same
igualdad equality
iguales equal, same
ija daughter, girl
ijas daughters, girls
ijiko (little) boy
ijo boy, son
ijos boys, children, sons
ilustrasion ilustration
ilustrasiones ilustrations
iluzion illusion
imaje image
imajes images
imajinar imagine
imediatamente immediately
imensa immense
imensas immense
imenso immense
imensos immense
imitar imitate
impasiente impatient
impedimiento impediment
impedir prevent, stop
imperador emperor
imperadores emperors
imperio empire
imperios empires
importansa importance
importante important, significant
importantes important, significant
importar import
imposivle imposible
imposivles imposibles
impresora printer
imprimadora printer
imprimar print
imprimeriya printing-house
imprimir print
imprudensia imprudence
inchir fill, stuff
indechiza undecided
indechizas undecided
indechizo undecided
indechizos undecided
indemas besides, moreover
india India
indiana turkey
indianas turkeys
indiano turkey
indisio clue
indisios clues
indonezia Indonesia
industrial industrial
infasio boredom
inferno hell
influensa influence
informar inform
informarse find out
informasion information
informasiones information
informasyon information
informasyones information
infrastruktura infrastructure
inglaterra England
ingletierra England
inglez English
inisial initial
inisiala initial
inisiar initiate
inkieta restless, worried
inkietas restless, worried
inkieto restless, worried
inkietos restless, worried
inkizision inquiry, inquisition
inkizisyon inquiry, inquisition
inklinar incline, stoop
inkluir include
inkluzo included
inkonvenivle inconvenient
inkorrekta incorrect
inkorrektas incorrect
inkorrekto incorrect
inkorrektos incorrect
innovasion innovation
inosente innocent
inosentes innocent
inseguridad insecurity
insekto insect
insektos insects
insidente incident
insidentes incidents
instituto institute
institutos institutes
instruksion instruction
instruksiones instructions
instrumento de lokomosion vehicle
insultar insult
intelijente intelligent
intelijentes intelligents
intensifikar intensify
interesante interesting
interesantes interesting
intestino gut, intestine
intimidad intimacy
introduksion introduction
introduksiones introductions
introdusir introduce
introduzir introduce
intrumiento de kaza electrical home appliances
inventado invented
inventados invented
investigador investigator
investigadora investigator
investigadoras investigators
investigadores investigators
investigasion investigation
investir invest
invierno winter
invitada guest
invitadas guests
invitado guest
invitados guests
invitar invite
invitasion invitation
invitasiones invitations
invyerno winter
inyervoza nervous
inyervozas nervous
inyervozo nervous
inyervozos nervous
inyeta grandchild
inyetas grandchildren
inyeto grandchild
inyetos grandchildren
inyeve snow
ir go, march, suit
ir a komprar go shopping
ir de mal en peor from bad to worse
ir detras follow
ira fury, great anger
irak Iraq
iran Iran
iregolar irregular
iregolares irregular
irlanda Ireland
irregolar irregular
irregolares irregular
irregular irregular
irregulares irregular
irreguler irregular
irreguleres irregular
irse go
ishalla may God wish
isla island
islam Islam
islanda Iceland
islas islands
ispital hospital
ispitales hospitals
israel Israel
israeliana Israeli
israelianas Israelis
israeliano Israeli
israelianos Israelis
istoria history, story
istorias gossip
istorika historic
istorikas historic
istoriko historic
istorikos historic
istorya history, story
italia Italy
italiana Italian
italianas Italians
italiano Italian
italianos Italians
italya Italy
iva I was going, he was going
ivan they were going
ivas you were going
ivash you were going
ivrit Hebrew
izla island
izlas islands
izlas shelomo Solomon Islands
izlas virjines Virgin Islands
izmir Izmir
izmirli from Izmir
izmirlis from Izmir
jamaika Jamaica
japon Japan
japoneza japanese
japonezas japanese
japonezo japanese
japonezos japanese
japonya Japan
jeneral general
jeneralmente generally
jenerasion generation
jenerasiones generations
jenero January
jeneroza generous
jenerozas generous
jenerozo generous
jenerozos generous
jeografia geography
jeorjia Georgia
jeraniom geranium
jerse Jersey
jordania Jordan
junio June
jupon petticoat
juridiko judicial
juridikos judicial
jurnal newspaper
jurnales newspapers
kabine toilets
kabo vedre Cape Verde
kacha cover (of book)
kacharola casserole, pan
kada every
kafe café, coffee
kafiko (little) coffee
kaje almost
kaji almost
kal synagogue
kalavasudo bald
kaldo gravy
kale must
kaleja street
kalejas streets
kalem pencil
kalemes pencils
kalendario calendar
kalendarios calendars
kales synagogues
kalifikar qualify
kalifornia California
kalkolo calculation
kalkolos calculations
kalma calm
kalmas calm
kalmo calm, cold blood, sang-froid
kalmos calm
kalor heat
kalores heat
kalsa sock
kalsado shoe
kalsados shoes
kalsas socks
kalup mold, pattern, shape
kalvo bald
kam. de echar bedroom, dormitory
kama bed, bedding
kamara cabin
kamareta room
kamareta de echar bedroom
kamareta de estudio private room, study
kamaretas rooms
kamas bed, bedding
kambodia Cambodia
kamerun Cameroon
kaminar walk
kamino road, way
kamino prinsipal highway, main street
kaminos roads, ways
kaminos de leche i miel
kamion truck
kamiones trucks
kamioneta van
kamionetas vans
kamiza shirt
kamizas shirts
kamizeta t-shirt
kamizetas t-shirts
kamiziya piggy bank
kampana bell
kampo field
kampos fields
kanada Canada
kandela candle
kandelas candles
kandelika little candle
kandelikas little candles
kanon cannon
kanones cannons
kansada tired
kansadas tired
kansado tired
kansados tired
kanserya fatigue, tiredness
kanta sings, song
kantadera singer
kantaderas singers
kantador singer
kantadores singers
kantamos sing
kantan sing
kantar sing
kantaro pitcher
kantaros pitchers
kantas sing, songs
kantash sing
kante popular song, singing
kantes popular song, singing
kantiga song
kantigas songs
kantika song
kantikas songs
kanto chant, sing, song
kanton corner
kantoniko hidden corner
kantonikos hidden corners
kantos chants, songs
kanyamazo cloth, rag
kanyuto nostril, pipe, tube
kapachedad ability, capacity
kapachi capable
kapachitad ability, capacity
kapitolo chapter
kapitolos chapters
kapo chief, hothead
kapuchino capuchino
kapuchinos capuchinos
kara cheek, dear, expensive, face, side
karakter character
karar decision, quantity
karas dear, expensive, faces
kardiaka cardiac
kardiako cardiac
karesar caress, pat
kargar charge, load
kariera career, occupation, profession
karinyo affection
karinyos affections
karne meat
karnero ram, sheep
karnesero butcher
karo dear, expensive
karos dear, expensive
karosa carriage, coach
karosas carriages, coaches
karota carrot
karotas carrots
karpuz watermelon
karpuzes watermelons
karrucha pulley, reel, spool
karta card, letter
kartas cards, letters
kartof potato
karucha wheel
karuchas wheels
karvon coal
kasap butcher
kasar hunt
kasha case, cashier's office
kashon drawer
kasketa baseball hat
kasketas baseball hats
kastanyetas castanets
kasteyano Castilian
kastilyano Castilian
katalan Catalan
katar Qatar
kategoria category
kategorias categories
katolika catholic
katolikas catholics
katoliko catholic
katolikos catholics
katvan scribe
kavakadura hoe
kavayo horse
kavayos horses
kave café, coffee
kaver fit
kavesa head
kavesal pillow
kavesas heads
kaveyo hair
kavo end
kavod respect
kavza cause
kavzar cause
kavzo case, event
kavzos cases, events
kayarse keep quiet
kaye road, street
kayenta hot
kayentas hot
kayente hot
kayentes hot
kayentura fever
kayenturas fevers
kayer fall
kayes roads, streets
kayisi apricot
kayo corn (in foot)
kaza home, house
kazada married
kazadas married
kazado married
kazados married
kazahstan Kazakhstan
kazal village
kazalina villager
kazalinas villagers
kazalino villager
kazalinos villagers
kazar marry
kazas homes, houses
ke that, what
ke haber?
ke tiene whose
kedar remain, stay
kedarse remain, stay, stop
kehila synagogue
keila synagogue
kemada burnt
kemadas burnt
kemado burnt
kemados burnt
kemar burn
kemarse del sol get suntanned
kemping camping
ken who
ken englute amargo bitter
ken save who knows
kenia Kenya
kere wants
keremos want
keren want
kerer love, want
kerer bien like, love
keres want
keresh want
kerida dear
keridas dear
kerido dear
keridos dear
kero want
keshada chin
kesharse complain
kestion question
kestionario questionnaire
kestionarios questionnaires
kestiones questions
kestyon question
kestyones questions
kezo cheese
kezos cheeses
khaki khaki
kibris Cyprus
kije I wanted
kijeron wanted
kijimos wanted
kijite you wanted
kijitesh wanted
kijo he wanted
kilo kilo
kilometro kilometre
kilometros kilometres
kilos kilos
kimika chemist, chemistry
kimikas chemists
kimiko chemist
kimikos chemists
kina China, Libya
kineza Chinese
kinezas Chinese
kinezo Chinese
kinezos Chinese
kipros Cyprus
kipur Jewish Grand Pardon and Fasting Day
kira rent
kirgizstán Kyrgyzstan
kitar extract, remove, take out
kito divorcee
klara clear
klaramente clearly
klaras clear
klarifikar clarify
klarifikasion clarification
klarifikasiones clarifications
klarifikasyon clarification
klarifikasyones clarifications
klaro clear
klaros clear
klasa class, classroom
klasas classes, classrooms
klase class, type
klasika classic
klasikas classics
klasiko classic
klasikos classics
klavye keyboard
kliente client
klientes clients
klik click
klikar click
klima climate
koche car
koches cars
kodigo code
kodigos codes
kodrero lamb
kodreros lambs
koensidar coincide
kofte meat patty, meatball
kokakola coke
kol cabbage
kola end, queue, tail
kolaborar collaborate
kolaborasion collaboration
kolaborasiones collaborations
kolay easy
kolayes easy
kolcha quilt
kolchas quilts
kolchon mattress
kolega colleague
kolegas colleagues
kolego colleague
kolegos colleagues
kolej high school
koleksion collection
koleksiones collections
kolektividad group, whole
kolektividades groups
koliflor cauliflower
kolombia Colombia
kolona column
kolonas columns
kolonialista colonialist
kolonialiste colonialist
kolonialisto colonialist
koloniya colony
koloniyas colonies
kolonya Cologne water
kolor colour
kolora anger, fury
kolorada red
koloradas red
kolorado red
kolorados red
kolores colours
kolumna column
kolumnas columns
komandante commander
komandantes commanders
kombinasion combination
kombinasiones combinations
kombinezon petticoat
kome eats
komedia comedy
komediante comedian
komediantes comedians
komemos eat
komen eat
komentario commentary, comments, remarks
komente comment
komentes comments
komento comment
komentos comments
komer eat
komer por la noche dine
komer por midi have lunch
komer yerva graze
komersante merchant
komes eat
komesh eat
komida food, meal
komidas food, meals
komo as, eat, how, like
komo de betahayim sepulchral
komoros Comoros
kompajinasyon format, lay out
kompanyera companion
kompanyeras companions
kompanyero companion
kompanyeros companions
kompanyia company
kompanyias companies
kompetensia competence
kompetitiva competitive
kompetitivas competitives
kompetitivo competitive
kompetitivos competitives
komple costume, suit
kompleta complete
kompletamente completely
kompletas complete
kompleto complete
kompletos complete
komplido completed
komplikado intricate
komplimento compliment
komplimentos compliments
komplimieento compliment
komplimieentos compliments
komplir fulfil
komposto stew (of fruit)
kompostos stew (of fruit)
kompozitor compositor
kompozitora compositor
kompozitoras compositors
kompozitores compositors
komprender understand
kompromiso compromise
kompuesto compound
komputadora computer
komputadoras computers
komputer computer
komputers computers
komun common
komunes common
komunidad community
komunidades communities
komunikar communicate
komunita community
komunitas communities
kon with
kon bueno ke vaygas
kon bueno ke vengas
kon mi with me
kon si mizmo with herself, with himself
kon ti with you
kondanasion condemnation, sentence
kondision condition
kondisiones conditions
kondoleansa condolence
kondoleansas condolences
kondukta conduct
konduktor conductor
konduktora conductor
konduzar drive
konduzir drive
koneksion connection
koneksiones connections
konferensia conference
konferensias conferences
konferensya conference
konferensyas conferences
konfiar entrust
konfidensia confidence, secret
konfiensa confidence
konfirmar corroborate
konfonder confuse, mingle, mix
konfuza confused
konfuzas confused
konfuzion confusion, disorder
konfuzo confused
konfuzos confused
kongo Kongo
kongo-brazzaville Congo-Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo
kongoja frustration
kongosha frustration
kongreso congress
konjelador freezer
konjeladores freezers
konjugasion conjugation
konjugasiones conjugations
konjugasyon conjugation
konjugasyones conjugations
konkistar conquer
konkistaron conquered
konkluzion conclusion
konkluziones conclusions
konkuistar conquer
konose knows
konosemos know
konosen know
konosensia knowledge
konoser know, recognize
konoses know
konosesh know
konosida familiar, well-known
konosidas familiar, well-known
konosido familiar, well-known
konosidos familiar, well-known
konosimiento knowledge
konosko know
konseder concede
konseja story
konsejar advise
konsejo advice, counsel
konsejos advices, counsel
konsekuensa consequence
konsekuensas consequences
konsensia conscience
konsensya conscience
konsentir consent
konserto concert
konsertos concerts
konservar preserve
konservasion conservation
konsiderar consider
konsiderarse consider oneself
konsolar comfort, console
konsolasion comfort, consolation
konsolato consulate
konsonante consonant
konsonantes consonants
konstante constant
konsternasion consternation
konstruir build
konsul consulate
konsules consulate
kontakto touch
kontaktos touches
kontar count, tell
konteksto context
kontekstos contexts
kontemplar contemplate
kontenente container
kontenentes containers
kontener contain, keep in check
kontenerse hold o.s. in check
kontenido content
kontenidos contents
kontentar please
kontentarse manage
kontente content, pleased
kontestar answer, answer back
kontinente continent
kontinentes continents
kontinuada continuous
kontinuadas continuous
kontinuado continuous
kontinuados continuous
kontinual continual
kontinuar continue, proceed
kontinuidad continuity
kontinuo continuous
kontra against, opposite
kontrakt contract
kontrakto contract
kontraktos contracts
kontrario contrary
kontrato contract
kontratos contracts
kontribuir contribute
kontribusion contribution
kontribusiones contributions
kontribusyon contribution
kontribusyones contributions
kontrolar control
kontuar counter, stand
konveniente opportune
konvenser convince
konversasion conversation
konversasiones conversations
konyak cognac
kopeta meat patty, meatball
kopia copy
kopiar copy
kopias copies
kopya copy
kopyas copies
koraje courage
korajozo brave
korason heart
korasones hearts
korcho cork
korea del norte North Korea
korea del sud South Korea
koreksion correction
koreksiones corrections
korekta correct
korektamente correctly
korektas correct
korekto correct
korektos correct
koridor corridor
koridores corridors
korijan correct
korijar correct
korijo correct
koro choir
koros choirs
korporasion corporation
korporasiones corporations
korreksion correction
korreksiones corrections
korrekta correct
korrektas correct
korrekto correct
korrektos correct
korrer run
korrida bull-fight, dash, run
korridas bull-fights, dashes, runs
korriente current
korso course
korsos courses
kortar cut
korte Court
kortijo farmyard, patio
kortina curtain
kortinas curtains
korva bend, turn
korvas bends, turns
kosha lame, limping
koshas lame, limping
koshkiyas tickling
kosho lame, limping
koshos lame, limping
kosovo Kosovo
kosta coast, shore
kosta de marfil Ivory Coast
kosta rika Costa Rica
kostar cost
koste cost, price
kostes costs, prices
kostum costume, suit
kostumbre custom, habit
kostumbres customs, habits
kotidiana daily
kotidianas daily
kotidiano daily
kotidianos daily
kovdo elbow
kovdos elbows
koyadura salted anchovy (colatura)
koza thing
kozas things
kozer cook
kozina kitchen
kozinas kitchens
kravata tie
krear create
krearon created
kreatura child
kreaturas child
krem karamel cream caramel
kreser grow, increase
kreyer believe
kria young child
kriador creator
kriadora creator
kriadoras creators
kriadores creators
kriansa creature
kriansas creatures
krias young children
kriatura child
kriaturas child
krimen crime
krimenes crimes
krio young child
krios young children
kristiana christian
kristianas christians
kristianizmo christianity
kristiano christian
kristianos christians
kriter criterion
kriyatura child
kriza crisis
krizas crisises
kroasia Croatia
kruda raw
krudas raw
krudo raw
krudos raw
kruzada crusade
kuadro frame
kuadros frames
kuafor barber, hairdresser
kuaje almost
kual which
kuala which
kualidad quality
kualker any
kualkier any
kualkyer any
kualo what
kualseker whichever
kuando when
kuantas all those, how many
kuanto how much
kuantos all those, how many
kuarten fourth
kuarto quarter
kuatren fourth
kuatro four
kuba Cuba
kuchara spoon
kucharas spoons
kuchiyo knife
kuchiyos knifes
kuchundurya cauliflower
kudiado attention, worry
kudiar look after, take care, worry
kuedra rope
kuedras rope
kuento account, bill, story
kuentos accounts, bills, stories
kuerpo body
kuerpos bodies
kukla doll
kuklas dolls
kukuvaya owl
kula tower
kule tower
kulevra snake
kulevras snakes
kulo anus, behind, bottom
kulpa fault
kulpas faults
kultivada cultivated
kultivadas cultivated
kultivado cultivated
kultivados cultivated
kultura culture
kultural cultural
kulturas cultures
kulupiya cauliflower
kumer eat
kumida food, meal
kumidas food, meals
kumplir accomplish
kuna cradle, swing
kunarse swing oneself
kunduradji cobbler, shoe-maker
kundurya shoe
kunduryero cobbler, shoe-maker
kupa glass, tumbler
kupas glasses, tumblers
kura drug, medicine
kuras drugs, medicine
kurdear set (clock etc.)
kurear cheat, set
kurioza curious
kuriozamente curiously
kuriozas curiouses
kuriozita curiosity
kuriozo curious
kuriozos curiouses
kurso course
kursos courses
kurta short
kurtas short
kurto short
kurtos short
kurva bend, turn
kurvas bends, turns
kuryoza curious
kuryozas curious
kuryozo curious
kuryozos curious
kushak belt
kusur leftover, remainder, rest
kuveyt Kuwait
kuvijar cover
kuvrir cover
kuwait Kuwait
kuzina kitchen
kuzinas kitchens
kuzir saw
kyofte meatball
la her, she, the
laborioza hard-working, industrious
laboriozas hard-working, industrious
laboriozo hard-working, industrious
laboriozos hard-working, industrious
ladino Ladino
ladinokomunita Ladino community
lado side
lados sides
ladron thief
ladrona thief
ladronas thieves
ladrones thieves
lago lake
lagos lakes
lampa lamp
lampas lamps
lampas de trafik traffic light
landra plague
landre plague
lansar hurl, launch, throw
lansarse jump, launch out
laos Laos
larga long
largas long
largo long
largos long
las hers, the
lashon language, tongue
latinas latin
latinos latin
lavar wash
lavarse wash
lavorar work
lavoro job, work
le him, to her, to him, to it
leche milk
legal legal
legala legal
legalas legal
legales legal
lektor reader
lektores readers
lengua language, tongue
lenguas languages, tongues
lenyo wood
lenyozo wooden
leon lion
leones lions
leonesa lioness
leonesas lionesses
leopardesa leopard
leshana far
leshanas far
leshano far
leshanos far
leshos far
lesoto Lesotho
letonia Latvia
letra letter
letras letters
ley law, rule
liban Lebanon
liberia Liberia
libero free
libertad freedom
libre free
libres free
ligado liver
ligados livers
lihtenshtayn Liechtenstein
likida liquid
likido liquid
likuida liquid
likuido liquid
likvida liquid
likvido liquid
limito limit
limon lemon
limonada lemonade
limonata lemonade
limones lemons
limpia clean
limpias clean
limpieza cleanliness
limpio clean
limpios clean
limpya clean
limpyas clean
limpyeza cleanliness
limpyo clean
limpyos clean
linda pretty
lindas pretty
lindo pretty
lindos pretty
lingua language, tongue
lingua maternal mother tongue
linguas languages, tongues
linguistika linguistics
lira Turkish currency
lise high school
lisensia licence, permission
lisensias licences, permissions
lision lesson
lisiones lessons
lista list
listas lists
lisyon lesson, warning
lisyones lessons, warnings
literatura literature
litvania Lithuania
liviana light, trivial
livianas light, trivials
liviano light, trivial
livianos light, trivials
livro book
livros books
lo him, it, that, which
lodo mud
lojik logical
lojika logic
lojiko logical
loka mad
lokal local
lokala local
lokalas local
lokales local
lokas mad
loko mad
lokos mad
lokura madness
lokuras madnesses
londra London
lonso bear
lonsos beers
lopardo leopard
los the
lovo wolf
lovos wolfs
luchar struggle
luenga tongue
luengas tongues
lugar place
lugares places
luksemburg Luxembourg
lukso luxury
luksyoza luxurious
luksyozas luxurious
luksyozo luxurious
luksyozos luxurious
lumbre (for cooking or heating), fire
luna moon
lunas moons
lunes Monday
lungo long
lusida lucid
lusidas lucid
lusido lucid
lusidos lucid
luvia rain
luvya rain
luz light
luzes lights
luzia nice, pretty
luzias nice, pretty
luzio nice, pretty
luzios nice, pretty
ma but
maale district
mabul flood, great quantity
madagaskar Madagascar
madam Mrs., madam
madre mother
madres mothers
madrugada dawn
madrugadas dawns
maestra master, teacher
maestras masters, teachers
maestro master, teacher
maestros masters, teachers
mafyonero mafioso
magazen shop, store
magazenes shops, stores
magen david (David's Shield), Magen David (Mogen David)
maha quiet
mahas quiet
maho quiet
mahos quiet
mais corn
maiz corn
majiskula capital letter
majorita majority
makaron reynado baked macaroni
makau Macau
makedonia Macedonia
makina machine
makinas machines
makiyarse make-up
maksimo maximum
mal badly, evil
mala bad, naughty
malas bad, naughty
malawi Malawi
maldicha damned
maldichas damned
maldicho damned
maldichos damned
maldivas Maldives
malebi malabi
malezia Malaysia
malgrado although, though
mali Mali
malibi malabi
malo bad, naughty
malorozamente unfortunately
malos bad, naughty
malta Malta
mama mom
mamifero mammal
mamiferos mammals
manadero origin, source
manaderos origins, sourcees
manar fig. abound, flow
mancha stain
manchas stains
mandar send
mandarina mandarin
manera manner
maneras manners
manga sleeve
mangas sleeves
mango mango
mangrana pomegranate
mangranas pomegranates
mania bracelet
manias bracelets
manifestar manifest
maniya bracelet
maniyas bracelets
manka less
mankar lack
manko less, minus
mano hand
manos hands
mansana apple
mansanas apples
mansarda attic, garret
manseva young person
mansevas young person
mansevez youth
mansevo young person
mansevos young person
mansheta cuffs
manta blanket
mantas blankets
mantel tablecloth
manteles tableclothes
mantener maintain, sustain
manya habit
manyana morning, tomorrow
manyana buena
manyanas mornings
manyas habits
manyifika magnificent
manyifikas magnificent
manyifiko magnificent
manyifikos magnificent
manziya misfortune, mishap, waste
mar sea
maravioza marvelous
maraviozas marvelous
maraviozo marvelous
maraviozos marvelous
maraviyarse marvel, wonder
maraviyoza marvelous
maraviyozas marvelous
maraviyozo marvelous
maraviyozos marvelous
mareo giddiness, vertigo
marido husband
maridos husbands
marka brand, mark
markas brands, marks
maroko Morocco
maron brown
marso March
martes Tuesday
marunchinos almond macaroons
mas more
masa dough
masapan marzipan
masas dough
masedonia North Macedonia
mashkar chew
matadera killer, murderer
matador killer, matador, murderer
matar kill
material material
materiales materials
matrana very early
maurisius Mauritius
mauritania Mauritania
mavi blue
maydanoz parsley
mayo May, swimsuit
mayor major
mayos swimsuits
maz more
mazal chance, destiny, fate, lot, sort
mazaloza fortunate
mazalozas fortunate
mazalozo fortunate
mazalozos fortunate
me me, myself, to me
me plaze I like (singular)
me plazen I like (plural)
meara cave, cavern
medalya medal
medalyas medals
media half
medianoche midnight
medika doctor
medikas doctors
medikeria medicine
mediko doctor
medikos doctors
medio middle
mediodia noon
medios middle
meditar meditate
medra shit
mehoram excommunicated person; rascal, scoundrel
meksiko Mexico
mel email
melda reads
meldadura reading
meldaduras readings
meldamos read
meldan read
meldar read
meldarlas read them
meldas read
meldash read
meldo read
melon melon
memoravle memorable
memoria memory
memorias memories
memorya memory
memoryas memories
mendrugo leftover bread
menear move, shake
menester necessary
menk touchstone
menos less, minus
mentira lie
mentiras lies
mentirosa liar
mentirosas liars
mentiroso liar
mentirosos liars
meoyo brain
merendar lunch, picnic
mereser deserve
merikiarse worry
merkader merchant
merkado market, souk
merkana Calico, cotton cloth
merkar buy
merseriya haberdashery
mersi thanks
mesaj message
mesaje message
mesajes messages
mesklar mix
mesurar measure
meter put
meter al mundo give birth
meter en lugar de replace
meter en movimiento move, shift
meter orden arrange, order
metro subway
mez month
meza table
mezas tables
mezes months
mezika (little) table
mezikas (little) tables
mezma same
mezmas same
mezmo same
mezmos same
mi me, my
mia mine, my
mias mine, my
midi noon
miel honey
miembra member
miembras members
miembro member
miembros members
mientres while
mierkoles Wednesday
mijor better
mijorado improved
mil thousand
milagro miracle
milagros miracles
milizina medicine, remedy
milyon million
milyones millions
mina pastry
minas pastries
mindrugo leftover bread
minimum minimum
ministro minister
ministros ministers
minor minor
mintira lie
mintiras lies
mintiroza liar
mintirozas liars
mintirozo liar
mintirozos liars
minuto minute
minutos minutes
mio mine, my
mios mine, my
mirada glance, look
miradas glances, looks
mirakolo miracle
mirakolos miracles
mirar look
mis me, my
mishpaha clan, family
mision duty, task
misir corn
misma same
mismas same
mismo same
mismos same
misrayim Egypt
mitad half
mitolojia mythology
miya mine, my
miyas mine, my
miyo mine, my
miyope short-sighted
miyos mine, my
mizeria misery
mizerias miseries
mizma same
mizmas same
mizmo same
mizmos same
mobilet moped
moble furniture
mobles furniture
moderador moderator
moderadora moderator
moderadoras moderators
moderadores moderators
moderna modern
modernas modern
moderno modern
modernos modern
modesta modest
modestas modest
modesto modest
modestos modest
modo manner, mode
modos manners, mode
mofa mould
mofo mould
mofozo mouldy
mogados marzipan
mojada wet
mojadas wet
mojado wet
mojados wet
mojar wet
moldavia Moldova
moldova Moldova
molestar annoy, bother
momento moment
momentos moments
monako Monaco
moneda money
mongolia Mongolia
monosilabo monosyllable
montanya mountain
montanyas mountains
montenegro Montenegro
monton heap
mora Moorish, blackberry, lives
morada purple
moradas purple
morado purple
morados purple
moral moral
moramos live
moran live
morar dwell, live, reside
moras Moorish, live
morash live
morena brown, dark
morenas brown, dark
moreno brown, dark
morenos brown, dark
morfina morphine
moro Moorish, live
moros Moorish
mortaja shroud
mortajas shrouds
mos ourselves, to us, us
mosa maid, servant
mosas maids, servants
moshka fly
moshkas flies
moso maid, servant
mosos maids, servants
motel inn, motel
moteles inns, motels
motor motor
motores motor
motosikleta motorcycle
motosikletas motorcycles
mozambik Mozambique
mozotras we
mozotros we
muchacha girl
muchachas girls
muchacho bachelor, boy
muchachos boys
muchiguar augment, increase, multiply
muela molar tooth
muerte death, decease
muestra our
muestras our
muestro our
muestros our
mueva new
mueva zelanda New Zealand
muevas new
mueve nine
muevo new
muevos new
muez walnut
muezes walnuts
mujer woman
mujer de kaza housewife, landlady
mujeres women
mujeres de kaza housewifes, landladies
muncha a lot
munchas many
muncho a lot, much
munchos many
mundar peel
mundial world-wide
mundo world
mungrinear whine
munisipal municipal
munisipalidad municipality
munisipalidades municipalities
mupak kitchen
murir die, expire, pass away
mursa sulky, unlovable
musafir guest
musafires guests
musandara attic, garret
museo museum
museos museums
mushmula medlar
musho lip
mustacho moustache
mustachos moustaches
musulmana muslim
musulmanas muslims
musulmano muslim
musulmanos muslims
musyu mister
mutpak kitchen, kitchens
muur seal, stamp
muures seals, stamps
muy very
muzeo museum
muzeos museums
muzika music
myel honey
myentres while
myerkoles Wednesday
míshpola loquat
míshpolas loquats
nada nothing
nadar swim
namibia Namibia
namorada enamored, enamoured, in love
namoradas enamored, enamoured, in love
namorado enamored, enamoured, in love
namorados enamored, enamoured, in love
narandja bitter orange
nariz nose
naser be born
nasimiento birth
nasimientos birthes
nasion nation
nasional national
nasionalidad nationality
nasionalidades nationality
nasionalita nationality
nasionalitas nationality
nasiones nations
nasyon nation
nasyones nations
nativa native
nativas natives
nativo native
nativos natives
natura nature
natural natural
naturala natural
naturalas natural
naturalmente of course
naturalos natural
navaja jack-knife
naval naval
nave ship
navegar navigate, sail
navigar navigate, sail
nazi nazi
nazis nazis
negativa negative
negativas negative
negativo negative
negativos negative
neglijar neglect
negosio business, trade
negosios businesses, trade
negra bad
negras bad
negregura badness, evil
negro bad
negros bad
nepal Nepal
nesesario necessary
nesesidad necessity
nesesidades necessities
nesesitar need
nevlina mist
ni neither, nor
nido nest
nidos nests
nijer Niger
nijeria Nigeria
nikaragua Nicaragua
nikochiri old
ningun no, none
ninguna nobody, none
ningunas nobody
ninguno nobody, none
ningunos nobody
nivel level
niveles levels
no don't, no, not
no reushir el egzamen fail the exam.
nochada buena
noche night
noches nights
noel Christmas
nombre name
nombres names
nona grandmother
nonas grandmothers
nono grandfather
nonos grandfathers
normal normal
normala normal
normalas normal
normales normal
norte north
norvejia Norway
nostaljia nostalgia
notar annotate
notavlamente notably
novedades news
novembre November
novia fiancée, newly-wed
novias fiancée, newly-wed
novio fiancé, groom, newly-wed
novios fiancé, grooms, newly-wed
novle noble
novya fiancée, newly-wed
novyas fiancée, newly-wed
novyo fiancé, groom, newly-wed
novyos fiancé, grooms, newly-wed
nuans minute difference, nuance
nuansa minute difference, nuance
nuanses minute difference, nuances
nuera daughter-in-law
numero edition, item, number, turn
numeros editions, items, numbers, turns
nunka never
nuve cloud
nuves clouds
nuvlozo cloudy
o either... or, or
obeisar obey
obeisente obedient
objektiva objective
objektivas objectives
objektivo objective
objektivos objectives
objekto object
objektos objects
observar notice
obstakolo obstacle
obstakolos obstacles
obtener obtain
obviamente obviously
ochen eighth
ocho eight
oeste west
ofisial official
ofisio craft, trade
ofisios craft, trade
ofrir offer
ograshear strive, struggle hard
ogurar augur
oir hear, listen
oja leaf, page (of book)
ojo eye
ojos eyes
okazion occasion
okaziones occasions
oksidente west
oktobre October
oktubre October
okupada busy
okupadas busy
okupado busy
okupados busy
okupar occupy
olanda Netherlands
olandez dutch
olandeza dutch
olandezas dutch
olandezes dutch
olandezo dutch
olokosto holocaust
olvidar forget
olvidarse forget
oman Oman
ombre man
ombres men
ombro shoulder
omenaje homage, respect
omnipotente omnipotent
onde where, where to
onduras Honduras
onor honour
onores honour
onze eleven
onzen eleventh
operar operate
operetta operetta
opinion opinion
opiniones opinions
oportunidad opportunity
oportunidades opportunities
oportuno opportune
opozar oppose
oprimir oppress
ora clock, hour, time, watch
ora de braso wrist-watch
oras clocks, hours, times, watches
orasion prayer
orasionar pray
orasiones prayers
orden order
ordenada orderly
ordenadas orderly
ordenado orderly
ordenados orderly
ordenar arrange, order
ordenes orders
ordinaria common, ordinary
ordinarias common, ordinary
ordinario common, ordinary
ordinarios common, ordinary
ordovres snacks, titbits
oreja ear
orejas ears
orera watchmaker
oreras watchmakers
orero watchmaker
oreros watchmakers
organizador organizer
organizadora organizer
organizadoras organizers
organizadores organizers
organizar organize
organizasion organization
organizasiones organizations
orgolyo pride
orientar orientate
oriente east, orient
orijen origin, source
orijenes origins, sources
orijin origin, source
orijinal original
orijinales original
orijines origins, sources
orivle horrible
orivles horrible
ormiga ant
ormigas ants
orno oven
ornos ovens
oro gold
ortografia spelling
ortografiya spelling
oryente east, orient
ospital hospital
ospitales hospitals
ospitalidad hospitality
ospitalidades hospitality
otel hotel
oteles hotels
oto automobile, car
otobus bus, motor-coach
otobuses buses, motor-coaches
otomano Ottoman
otomatika automatic
otomatikas automatic
otomatiko automatic
otomatikos automatic
otomobil automobile, car
otomobiles automobiles, cars
otonyo autumn
otonyos autumns
otor author
otores authors
otos automobiles, cars
otra other
otras other
otro other
otros more, other, others
ovedecer obey
ovedesyente obedient
oveja sheep
ovejas sheep
ovligar compel, force
ovligasion obligation
ovligasiones obligations
ovra work
oy today
oy demanyana this morning
oye hears
oyemo hear
oyen hear
oyes hear
oyesh hear
oygo hear
oyido ear
oyidos ears
oyir hear, listen
ozar dare
padre father
padres fathers, parents
paez country
paezes countries
pagar pay
pais country
paises countries
paiz country
paizes countries
pajina page
pajinas pagees
pakistan Pakistan
palasio palace
palasyo palace
palavra word
palavras words
palaza duck
palazas ducks
palestiniana palestinian
palestinianas palestinians
palestiniano palestinian
palestinianos palestinians
palma palm
palmas applause
pamplemus grapefruit
pan bread
pan espondjado sponge cake
panama Panama
pandemiya pandemic
pandemiyas pandemics
pandispanya sponge cake
panes bread
pantalon trouser
pantalones pants, trousers
pantofla slipper
pantufla slipper
panyo piece of cloth
papa dad
papel paper
papelera paper bin
papeleras paper bins
papeles papers
papeliko (little) paper
papelikos (little) papers
papu grandfather
papua-mueva-ginea Papua New Guinea
par couple, pair
para for, money, to
para ke why
paraguay Paraguay
paralela parallel
paralelas parallels
paralelo parallel
paralelos parallels
paralizada paralytic
paralizadas paralytics
paralizado paralytic
paralizados paralytics
parantezes parenthesis
paras money
parashut parachute
parashutes parachutes
parasol parasol, sunshade
parasoles parasols, sunshades
parazit parasite
pardesu over-coat
pardon excuse me, forgiveness, pardon
pared wall
paredes walls
parese appear to me, seem to me
pareser appear, seem
pareserse look alike
paresoza idle, lazy
paresozas lazy
paresozo idle, lazy
paresozos lazy
pareza laziness
parfum aroma, perfume
parfumes aroma, perfume
parientes parents, relatives
parir give birth
parparear show-off
parparo eyelid
parparos eyelids
partajar share
partajarvos share with you
parte part, side
partes parts, sides
partida game, part
partidas games, parts
partikolar particular, peculiar
partir go, split
partisipante participant
partisipantes participants
partisipar participate
partizante supporter
partizantes supporters
parvenir reach, succeed
paryentes parents, relatives
pas peace
pasa raisin
pasada past
pasado past
pasado amanyana day after tomorrow
pasajera passenger
pasajeras passengers
pasajero passenger
pasajeros passengers
pasaporto passport
pasaportos passports
pasar pass
pasar al enemigo go over (to enemy)
pasar enfrente cross
pasear stroll, walk
pasensia patience
pasharo bird
pasharos birds
paso pace, step
pasos pace, steps
pasta cake
pastas cakes
pastel cake
pasteles cakes, meat pies
pasto taste
patata potato
patatas potatoes
patin floor
pato goose
patona duck
patonas ducks
patos goose
patrania gibberish
patrimonio inheritance
patrimonyo inheritance
patron boss, master, owner, proprietor
paviyon pavilion
payis country
payiz country
payla basin, large pan
paylacho clown
paylachos clowns
paylas basins, large pans
paz peace
pazar market
pazi chard
pecho chest
pechos chests
pedaso piece
pedasos pieces
pedrer lose
pedrer el ekilibro stagger
pedrisko hail
pedriskos hail
peinarse comb oneself
pekado a pity
pelea fight, quarrel
pelear fight
pelearse fight
peleas fights, quarrels
pelishko pinch
pelishkos pinches
pelo bristle, coat (animal), hair, whiskers
peltek stuttering
pena sorrow, trouble
pender hang (person)
pensa thinks
pensada thought
pensadas thoughts
pensamos think
pensan think
pensar think
pensas think
pensash think
penserios problems, sorrow
pensi thought
penso think
peor worse
pera pear
peras pears
perfeksion perfection
perfekta perfect
perfektas perfect
perfekto perfect
perfektos perfect
perfil profile
perikolo peril
perikoloza perilous, risky
perikolozamente perilously
perikolozas perilous, risky
perikolozo perilous, risky
perikolozos perilous, risky
periodiko periodic, periodical
perkurar be concerned, endeavour
perla pearl
perlas pearls
permeter permit
pero but
perpetual perpetual
perro dog
perros dogs
perseguir follow, pursue
pershil parsley
persia Iran
persiana persian
persianas persians
persiano persian
persianos persians
persona person
personal personal
personala personal
personalas personal
personales personal
personas people
perú Peru
pesah Pesach
pesaj Pesach
peshe shank meat
peshkado fish
peshkador fisherman
peshkadora fisherwoman
peshkadoras fisherwomen
peshkadores fishermen
peshkados fish
peshkar fish
pestanya eyelash
pestanyas eyelashes
petrolio gas, petrol
peynarse comb oneself
pezgada heavy
pezgadas heavy
pezgades heaviness, weight
pezgado heavy
pezgados heavy
pezgo weight
pezgos weights
piadad compassion, pity
pie foot
piedra stone
piedras stones
piedrer lose
pierna thigh
piernas thigh
pies feet
piesa de teatro play
pikante hot, peppery
piknik picnic
piknikar lunch, picnic
pilot pilot
pilota pilot
pilotas pilots
pilotes pilots
pimienta black pepper
pimienton fresh, green pepper
pimientones fresh, green peppers
pina stone
pinas stones
pintador painter
pintadora painter
pintadoras painters
pintadores painters
pintor painter
pintora painter
pintoras painters
pintores painters
pinya too salty
pinyon pine-kernel
piron fork
pirones forks
pirshil parsley
pishar to piss
pishin already, at once, immediately, indeed
pishkado fish
pishkados fish
pisina swimming pool
pisinas swimming pools
piska flick
piskas flicks
piskueso nape
pitagra dried apricot paste sheet
pizar step on
plaj beach
plajas beaches
planeamos we plan
planear plan
planta plant
plantar plant
plantas plants
plasa square
plasas squares
plata silver
platero jeweler
platforma platform
platformas platforms
plato dish, plate
platos dishes, plates
plaze like
plazer be pleasing, like, please, pleasure
plazer a... be pleasing to
pleto dispute, quarrel
pletos disputes, quarrels
pleyto dispute, quarrel
pleytos disputes, quarrels
plomo lead
plural plural
plurales plurals
podemos can
poder authority, power
podesh can
poema poem
poemas poems
poeta poet
poetas poets
poezia poem, poetry
poezias poems, poetry
poko a bit, a little
polisiya police
politeza courtesy
politika politics
polonia Poland
polonya Poland
polvora gunpowder
pomela pomela
ponte bridge
pontes bridges
popa stern
popular popular
populara popular
popularas popular
populares popular
populasion population
por by, for
por demaziya besides, moreover
por esto therefore
por ke for what
por konsekuensa consequently
por modo de because of
por modre because of
por semana weekly
por sien percent
porke because
portanto however, nevertheless, since, then
portmone purse
portmones purses
portofolio billfold, wallet
portofolio de dokumentos briefcase
portokal orange
portokales oranges
portreto portrait
portretos portrait
portugal Portugal
portugez Portuguese
posedar possess
posesion possession
posesiones possessions
posibilidad possibility
posibilidades possibilities
posibilidat possibility
posibilidates possibilities
posibilita possibility
posibilitas possibilities
posivle possible
posivlemente possibly
posta mail, post
potasio potassium
povereto poor, wretch
povlasion population
poyo chick, chicken
poyos chickens, chicks
pozar put
pozitiva positive
pozitivas positive
pozitivo positive
pozitivos positive
prasa leek
prasas leeks
prasifuchi leek pastry
prasifuchis leek pastries
pratika practical
pratikar practice
pratikas practical
pratiko practical
pratikos practical
prechiza precise
prechizamente precisely
prechizas precise
prechizo precise
prechizos precise
preferar prefer
prefikso prefix
pregunta question
preguntar ask
preguntas questions
pregunton inquisitive
preguntona inquisitive
prekosion measure, step
prensa the press
prensesa princess
prensesas princesses
preokupada preoccupied
preokupadas preoccupied
preokupado preoccupied
preokupados preoccupied
preokupasion preoccupation, worry
preparativos preparation
prepozision preposition
prepozisiones prepositions
presentasion presentation
presentasiones presentations
presepto order, precept
presiado beloved, precious
presidente president
presidentes presidents
presio price
presios prices
presioza precious, valuable
presiozas precious, valuable
presiozo precious, valuable
presiozos precious, valuable
presipisio precipice
presipitado abasho dive down
prestiko quick
presto quick
prestor speed, velocity
presyado beloved, precious
presyoza precious, valuable
presyozas precious, valuable
presyozo precious, valuable
presyozos precious, valuable
preta black
pretas blacks
preteksto pretext
pretekstos pretexts
pretend claim, pretend
preto black
pretos blacks
previsto forecast
prezentar present
prezentasion presentaton
prezentasiones presentatons
prezente present
prezervar preserve
prezidente president
prezidentes presidents
prima cousin
primas cousins
primavera spring
primer first, foremost, primary
primera first, foremost, primary
primeras first
primero first
primeros first
primo cousin
primos cousins
prinsipal main, major
prinsipales main, major
prinsipio beginning
prisa haste, hurry
prishil parsley
privada private
privadas private
privado private
privados private
probabilidad probability
probabilidades probability
problem problem
problema problem
problemas problems
prodjekto project
produizirse happen, take place
produkto product
produktos products
produzir produce
profesar practice, profess
profesion profession
profesional professional
profesiones professions
profesor teacher
profesora teacher
profesoras teachers
profesores teachers
profil profile
profitar profit
profunda deep, profound
profundas deep, profound
profundo deep, profound
profundos deep, profound
program program
programa program
programas programs
programasion programming
programes programs
progresar progress
progreso progress
projekto project
projeto project
proksima near, next
proksimas near, next
proksimo near, next
proksimos near, next
prolungar extend, prolong
prolungasion prolongation
prometer promise
promosion promotion
pronta ready
prontas ready
pronto ready
prontos ready
pronunsiar pronounce
propietaria proprietary
propietario proprietary
propoza proposes
propozamos propose
propozan propose
propozar propose
propozas propose
propozash propose
propozision proposition
propozisiones propositions
propozo propose, proposed
proprieta estate, property
proprietario boss, master, owner, proprietor
proseso process
prosesos processes
prosperidad prosperity
prospero prosperous
prostela apron
prostelas aprons
protestar protest
protesto protest
prova proof, trial
provar prove, try
provas proofs, trials
prove poor
provenir arise from, stem from
provensia province
proverbio proverb
proverbios proverbs
proverbo proverb
proverbos proverbs
proverbyo proverb
proverbyos proverbs
proves poor
proyekto project
proyektos projects
pruna plum
prunas plums
pruntar ask
psikiatriya psychiatry
publikado published
publikar publish
publikarlo publish it
publikasion publication
publikasiones publications
publiko public
publikos public
puede can
puede ser perhaps
pueden can
pueder be able to
puedes can
puedo can
puerpo body
puerpos bodies
puerta door
puertas doors
puerto riko Puerto Rico
puevlo people
pulmon lung
pulmones lungs
pulover sweather
puloveres sweathers
punchon prickle
punta point
punto minute, moment
puntos minutes, moments
punyo fist
punyos fists
purim Purim
puset pram
pusetes prams
puso pulse, wrist
puvlikasion publication
puvlikasiones publications
pye foot
pyes feet
rabino rabbi
radio radio
radios radios
rais root
raises roots
raki Turkish anisette
ramo branch
ramos branches
rapidamente rapidly
rasa race
rasas races
rasizmo racism
raton rat
rav Rabbi (Chief)
rayador grate
rayar grate
rayo lightning
rayos lightnings
razon justice, reason, right
real royal
realidad reality, truth
realizar realize
realmente really
rebelion rebellion
rebeliones rebellions
recheta prescription, recipe
rechetas prescriptions, recipes
red net
redaksion redaction, writing
redaktar write
redaktor editor
redaktora editor
redaktoras editors
redaktores editors
redes nets
redoma bottle
redomas bottles
redresarse sit up
reflan proverb, saying
reflanes proverbs, sayings
refran proverb, saying
refranes proverbs, sayings
refujiada refugee
refujiado refugee
refujiarse take refuge
refuzar refuse
regalada unique
regaladas unique
regalado unique
regalados unique
regla rule
reglas rules
regolar regular
regolares regular
regolario regular
regolarios regular
regresar return
regretar regret
regular regular
regulares regular
reir laugh
rejion region
rejiones regions
rekodro memory, recollection
rekodros memories, recollections
rekojer collect
rekordar record
rekovrar recuperate
rekuerdo memory, recollection
rekuperar recuperate
relampago lightning
relasion relationship
relasionado related to
relasiones relationships
relasyon relationship
relasyonado related to
relasyones relationships
religiosa religious
religiosas religious
religioso religious
religiosos religious
relijion religion
relijiones religions
relijioza religious
relijiozas religious
relijiozo religious
relijiozos religious
remedio remedy, solution
remedios remedies, solutions
remedyo remedy, solution
remedyos remedies, solutions
renar fox
render yield
renderse surrender
renderse kuento notice
rengrasiar be thankful, thank
renkor rancour
renovelar renew
reokupar reoccupy
reparar repair
reperkusion repercussion
reperkusiones repercussions
repetar repeat
repetida repeated
repetidas repeated
repetido repeated
repetidos repeated
replikar answer, answer back
reportaje article, report
reportajes articles, reports
repozo rest
republika republic
republikas republics
repuesta answer
repuestas answers
repúblika dominikana Dominican Republic
repúblika sentro-afrikana Central African Republic
resefta prescription, recipe
reseftas prescriptions, recipes
reshas Pretzel-shaped sweet cooky
reshikas Pretzel-shaped sweet cooky
resiprokamente reciprocally
resivir receive
respekto homage, respect
responder answer, respond
responder de answer for
responsabilidad responsibility
responsabilita responsibility
responsabilitad responsibility
resto leftover, remainder, rest
restoran restaurant
restorant restaurant
restorante restaurant
restorantes restaurants
restorar restore
resume résumé, summary
resumen résumé, summary
retardo delay
retardos delays
retina retina
reunion gathering, meeting, reunion
reuniones gatherings, meetings, reunions
reunir reunite
reunirse get together
reushir be successful
reushir el egzamen pass the exam.
reushita achievement, success
reushitas achievements, successes
revanada slice
revanadas slices
revanyo flock, herd
revista magazine
revistas magazines
revizar review, revise
revolusion revolution
revolusiones revolutions
revolver revolver
rey King
reyes Kings
rezerva reserve
rezia robust, strong
rezias robust, strong
rezio robust, strong
rezios robust, strong
rezolver solve
rezultado result
rezultados results
rezumen résumé, summary
rida handkerchief
ridas handkerchiefs
ridikula ridiculous
ridikulas ridiculous
ridikulo ridiculous
ridikulos ridiculous
ridoma bottle
ridomas bottles
rigorozamente rigorously
riir laugh
rika rich
rikas rich
riko rich
rikos rich
rio river
rios rivers
riyir laugh
rizikar risk
riziko risk
rizikos risks
rogar request
roketa rocket
romania Romania
romano Roman
romanos Romans
romansa ballad, romance
romansas ballads, romances
romansero collection of ballads
romanseros collection of ballads
romanso novel, romance
romansos novels, romances
rompe kavesa puzzle
romper break
ropa cloth
ropa interior underware
ropas clothes
rovar steal
roves reverse
rovle oak
roz pink
roza rose
rozas roses
ruanda Rwanda
rudeza coarseness, rudeness
ruj lipstick
rumania Romania
rusia Russia
rustika rustic
rustikas rustic
rustiko rustic
rustikos rustic
rusía blanka Belarus
ruvia red-haired
ruvias red-haired
ruvio red-haired
ruvios red-haired
saatchi clockmaker
sabra sabra
safanorya carrot
safanoryas carrots
sahara oksidental Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic
sako sack
sakos sacks
sakrifisio sacrifice
sal salt
salamanje dining room
salata salad
salatas salads
salero appeal, charm, salt-cellar
salida exit
salidas exits
salir go out
salon living room
salsamora blackberry
saltar jump, leap
salud health
saludes regards
saludo greeting
saludos greetings
saludoza healthy
saludozas healthy
saludozo greeting, healthy
saludozo ke estes
saludozos greetings, healthy
salvaje savage
salvar save
salvo except, safe, save, saved
samara fur
samaras furs
san Saint
san marino San Marino
sanar cure, heal
sanarse recover
sandal sandal
sandala sandal
sandales sandals
sanedad health
sangre blood
sangre fria cold blood, sang-froid
sanos i rezyos
santa holy, saint
santa elena Saint Helena
santas holy, saint
santo holy, saint
santos holy, saint
sapato shoe, slipper
sapatos shoes, slippers
sarnudar sneeze
sarnudo sneeze
sarnudos sneezes
sarpikar sprinkle
sarten frying-pan
satisfecha pleased, satisfied
satisfechas pleased, satisfied
satisfecho pleased, satisfied
satisfechos pleased, satisfied
savana sheet
savanas sheets
save knows
saver know
savor taste
savor de boka desert
savores tastes
savroza tasty
savrozas tasty
savrozo tasty
savrozos tasty
se herself, himself, it
sedakera beggar
sedakeras beggars
sedakero beggar
sedakeros beggars
sefarad sephardic
sefaradi sephardic
sefaradim sephardic (pl)
sefardim sephardic (pl)
seguir follow
segunda second
segundas seconds
segundo second
segundo dedo index-finger
segundos seconds
seguridad security
seguro safe, secure
sehora annoyance, grief, trouble
seja eyebrow
sejas eyebrows
seka dry
sekar dry
sekas dry
seko dry
sekreta secret
sekretas secrets
sekreter secretary
sekreto secret
sekretos secrets
seksion section
seksiones sections
sekso sex
seksos sexes
seksual sexual
sekto sect
sektos sects
selebrar celebrate
seleksion selection
seleksionar select
selo jealousy
selos jealousy
selula cell
selulas cells
selvi cypress
semana week
semanas weeks
semejansa likeness
semejansas likenesses
sementario cemetery
sementarios cemeteries
semos we are
sena dinner
senar dine
senegal Senegal
seniza ash
sensia science
sensias sciences
senso sense
senteya spark
sentimiento feeling
sentimientos feelings
sentir feel, hear
sentirse bien feel good
sentro center
sentros centers
senyor gentleman, lord, master
senyora lady, mistress, owner
separar separate
sepharadic Ladino
septembre September
ser to be
sera wax
serbia Serbia
seremonia de aviertura inauguration, opening
seremos we will
sereza cherry
serezas cherries
seriozamente seriously
serka close, near
serkana close, near
serkanas close, near
serkano close, near
serkanos close, near
serradura lock
serraduras locks
serrar shut
servisio militar military service
será he will, it will, she will
serán they will
serás you will
seré I will
serésh you will
sesamo sesame
sesh six
sevoya onion
sezon season
sezones seaso
shabad Saturday
shabat Saturday
shaka joke
shakaruka flirtatious remark
shakeka headache
shakekas headaches
shal shawl
shales shawls
shalom greetings, salute
shampanya champagne
shampinyon mushroom
shara tropikal jungle
sharope jam, syrup
shashearse be stunned
shasheo giddiness, vertigo
shaten chestnut-coloured
shavon soap
shavones soaps
shayna sled
shef chief
shefa chief
shefas chiefs
shefes chiefs
sheftali peach
sheftalis peaches
shefteli peach
sheftelis peaches
shena scene
shenas scenes
shezlong deck chair
shifro digit
shifros digits
shili Chile
shoa holocaust
shofar shofar
shofor driver
shofores drivers
shok shock
shukur thanks
si herself, himself, if, it, yes
si no except
siedra left
siedrera left-handed
siedreras left-handed
siedrero left-handed
siedreros left-handed
siega blind
siegas blind
siego blind
siegos blind
sielo sky
siempre always
sien temple
sientista scientist
sientistas scientists
sierra leone Sierra Leone
sierta certain
siertas certain
sierto certain
siertos certain
siete seven
sieten seventh
sigaro cigarette
sigaros cigarettes
siglo century
siglos centuries
sigonya stork
siguiente following, next
siguir follow
siguro for sure, safe, secure
sikidji boring
sikidjis boring
sikidjiya boring
sikidjiyas boring
sikilear bore
silaba syllable
silabas syllables
silensio silence
silensios silences
silueta silhouette
siman indication, mark, signal
similaridad similarity
similaridades similarities
simit sesame-covered bread rings
simpatika sympathetic
simpatikas sympathetic
simpatiko sympathetic
simpatikos sympathetic
simple simple
simples simple
sin without
sin braso one-armed
sinagoga synagogue
sinagogas synagogues
sinema cinema
sinemas cinemas
singapur Singapore
siniza ash
sinken fifth
sinko five
sinkuenta fifty
sinsera sincere
sinseras sincere
sinsero sincere
sinseros sincere
sintir feel, hear
sintura belt
sinturas belts
sinyal indication, mark, sign, signal
sinyalar point out, signal
sinyales marks, signs
sinyatura signature
sinyifikar signify
sinyifikasion meaning
sinyifikasiones meanings
sinyo sign
sinyor gentleman, lord, master
sinyora lady, mistress, owner
sira opportune moment, rank, row
siria Syria
sirkular circulate
sirkulasion circulation, traffic
sirkunstansia circumstance
sirkunstansias circumstances
sistem system
sistema system
sistemas systems
sitio site
sitios sites
situar situate
situasion situation
situasiones situations
situasyon situation
situasyones situations
sivdad city
sivdades cities
sivdadika (little) city
sivdadikas (little) cities
sivil civil
siya chair
siyas chairs
slovakia Slovakia
slovenia Slovenia
so I am
soda soda
soko market, souk
sol sun
sola alone, only
solamente only
soldada soldier
soldadas soldiers
soldado soldier
soldados soldiers
soleado sunny
soledad solitude
solo alone, only
solombra shadow
solombras shadows
soltero bachelor
solu only
solusion solution
solusiones solutions
somalia Somalia
someter submit
son sound, they are
sonar ring
sonete noise, sound
sonido noise, sound
sonidos noises, sounds
sonreir smile
sonriir smile
sonriyir smile
sonyar dream
sorprender surprise
sos you are
sosh you are
sosyal social
sovrar be left over, remain
sovre about, on, on top, upon
sovrina niece
sovrinas nieces
sovrino nephew
sovrinos nephews
spanyolit Ladino
spiker announcer
spikeres announcers
sport sport
sportes sports
sri lanka Sri Lanka
statistika statistics
stilista stylist
stilo ballpoint pen, fountain pen, pen
stilos ballpoint pens, fountain pens, pens
su hers, his, its, one's
subsistir last, subsist
sud south
sud-afrika South Africa
sudan Sudan
sudita subject
suditas subjects
sudito subject
suditos subjects
sudor sweat
sudán del sud South Sudan
suedia Sweden
suediana swedish
suedianas swedish
suediano swedish
suedianos swedish
suerte fortune, luck
sueter jersey, sweater
sufrir suffer
suisa Switzerland
sujerar suggest
sujero suggest
sujeto subject
sujetos subjects
suksedar follow, succeed
suksesion succession
suksesiva successive
suksesivamente successively
suksesivas successive
suksesivo successive
suksesivos successive
sultan sultan
sumarino submarine
sumarinos submarines
sumo juice
supa soup
supas soups
superfisial superficial
supermarket supermarket
supito suddenly
suportar endure, support
supozar suppose
surinam Suriname
surjir arise
survivir survive
sus their, theirs
sutien bra
suvida slope
suvir get up on, mount
suvrina niece
suvrinas nieces
suvrino nephew
suvrinos nephews
suzia dirty
suzias dirty
suzio dirty
suzios dirty
swaziland Eswatini
syeklo century
syeklos centuries
syekolo century
syekolos centuries
syelo sky
syempre always
syen temple
syerta certain
syertas certain
syerto certain
syertos certain
tablo painting, picture
tablo preto blackboard
tabure stool
tadjikistan Tajikistan
tadre late
tadres afternoon
tafta taffeta
taiwan Taiwan
tajada big slice, slice
tajadas big slices
takia cap
takias caps
taksi cab, taxi
taksis cabs, taxis
tal such
talentoza talented
talentozas talented
talentozo talented
talentozos talented
talentuoza talented
talentuozas talented
talentuozo talented
talentuozos talented
tambien also, too
tambur drum
tambures drums
tan so
tank tank
tanta so many, so much
tanto so many, so much
tanyedor musician
tanyedora musician
tanyedoras musicians
tanyedores musicians
tanyer play, ring
tanzania Tanzania
tapar put the lid on
tapon lid
tapones lids
tartalear stutter
tasa cup
tasas cups
tava frying-pan
tayland Thailand
tayvan Taiwan
te to you, you, yourself
teatro theatre
teatros theaters
techo ceiling, roof
techos ceilings, roofs
tefter notebook
tefteres notebooks
teja tile
tejado roof (tiled)
tekia tuberculosis
teknisyen technician
teknolojia technology
teknolojias technologies
teksto text
tekstos texts
teleferik cable car, cableway
teleferikos cable cars, cableways
telefon telephone
telefonar telephone
telefones telephones
telekomunikasion telecommunication
televizyon TV
tema subject, theme
temas subjects, themes
temeridad courage, rashness
temeroza rash, reckless
temerozas rash, reckless
temerozo rash, reckless
temerozos rash, reckless
tempesta tempest
temporalmente temporarily
temprana early
tempranas early
temprano early
tempranos early
tenemos have
tener have, hold
tener koraje dare
tener menester need
tener ozadia dare
tener pena grieve
tener sangluto hiccough, hiccup
tener temor fear
tenesh have
tengo have
tenia had
teniamos had
tenian had
tenias had
teniash had
tenta canopy, marquee
tentas canopies, marquees
tepsi oven pan, tray
terminar finish, terminate
terreno field
terrenos fields
terrivle terrible
terrorista terrorist
terroristas terrorists
terroristo terrorist
terroristos terrorists
testigo witness
testigos witnesses
tezis thesis
ti you
tia aunt
tias aunts
tiempo time, weather, while
tiempos times
tiene has
tienen have
tienes have
tierra earth, world
tierra de pais territory
tigresa tigre
tigro tigre
tijera scissors
tijeras scissors
tikia tuberculosis
tikiya tuberculosis
tilya linden tea
timarana madhouse, mental hospital
timbro seal, stamp
timbros seals, stamps
timida timid
timidas timid
timido timid
timidos timid
timon rudder
timor este East Timor
tino memory
tinya ringworm
tio uncle
tios uncles
tipo type
tipos type
tipzim oven pan, tray
tiralanya spider, spider's web
tirar shoot
titolo title
titolos titles
titulo title
titulos titles
tiya aunt
tiyas aunts
tiyo uncle
tiyos uncles
toaf odd
toda all, everything
todas all
todo all, everything
todo en saviendo knowingly
todo enduna all at once
todos all, everyone
toka muslin scarf, top (toy)
tomar take
tomar al pelo pull one's leg
tomar dush shower
tomar haber find out
tomar savor taste
tomat tomato
tomat reynado meat-filled tomatoes
topa finds
topamos find
topan find
topar find
toparse to be present
topas find
topash find
topava was found
topi found
topo find
tora Torah
torero bull-fighter
tornar return, turn
torni I returned
torno turn off
toro bull
torondja grapefruit
toros bulls
torpe silly, stupid
torser distort, twist
total total
tractor tractor
tradision tradition
tradisiones traditions
tradisyon tradition
tradisyones traditions
traduizir translate
traduksion translation
traduksiones translations
traduksyon translation
traduksyones translations
traduktor translator
traduktora translator
traduktoras translators
traduktores translators
traer bring
trafiko traffic
traidor traitor
traidora traitor
traidoras traitors
traidores traitors
trajedia tragedy
tramvay streetcar
tramvayes streetcars
trankilizar reassure
transportasion transportation
tranzito transit
trapo rag
tratar deal, treat
traumatika traumatic
traumatikas traumatic
traumatiko traumatic
traumatikos traumatic
travados nut-filled pastry
travar pull, shoot
travar sovre shoot
traversar go across
trazera back, rear
tremblante trembling
tremblar tremble
tren train
trenes trains
treno train
trenos trains
tres three
tresalida delighted
tresalidas delighted
tresalido delighted
tresalidos delighted
tresalirse be delighted
treser third
tresladar translate
trezoro treasure
trezoros treasures
trigonas walnut-filled fila triangles
triko jersey, sweater
trinidad i tobago Trinidad and Tobago
tripa belly
tripas bellies
triste sad
tristes sad
triunfar triumph
trokamiento change
trokamientos changes
trokar change
trokar de opinion change one's mind
tronchedad stupidity
tronko trunk
tronkos trunks
trotinet scooter
trupa troop
trupa de bestia livestock
trupas troops
tu you, your
tualet water closet
tualeta water closet
tualetas water closet
tubo tube
tubos tubes
tufenk shotgun
tunizia Tunisia
turar endure, last
turka Turkish
turkana of Turkish origin
turkanas of Turkish origin
turkano of Turkish origin
turkanos of Turkish origin
turkas Turkish
turkia Turkey
turkmenistan Turkmenistan
turko Turkish
turkos Turkish
tus your
tutano marrow of bone
tutuayar be on familiar terms
tuve had
tuvieron had
tuvimos had
tuvites had
tuvitesh had
tuvo had
tyempo time, weather, while
tyempos times
tyene has
tyenen have
tyenes have
tyerra earth, world
uda de echar bedroom
uganda Uganda
ugrashear strive, struggle hard
ukrayna Ukraine
ultima last, ultimate
ultimas last, ultimate
ultimo last, ultimate
ultimos last, ultimate
ulvidar forget
ulvidárse forget
umana human
umanas human
umanidad humanity
umanidades humanities
umano human
umanos human
umida damp, humid
umidas damp, humid
umidita humidity, wetness
umido damp, humid
umidos damp, humid
umiliar humiliate
umiliasion humiliation
umiliasiones humiliations
umo smoke
umor humor
umoristika humoristic
umoristikas humoristic
umoristiko humoristic
umoristikos humoristic
un one
un poko a bit, a little
una identical, one
una vez ke considering, since
unas identicals, ones, some
ungaria Hungary
unida united
unidad unity
unidades unities
unidas united
unido united
unidos united
unika unique
unikas unique
uniko unique
unikos unique
unir unite
universal universal
universala universal
universalas universal
universales universal
universidad university
universidades universities
universita university
universitas universities
uno identical, one
uno a otro mutually
unos identicals, ones, some
unya nail
unyas nails
urbana refined, urban
urbanas refined, urban
urbano refined, urban
urbanos refined, urban
uruguay Uruguay
util useful
utiles useful
utilizar utilize
uva grape
uvas grapes
uza uses
uzada used, worn
uzadas used, worn
uzado used, worn
uzados used, worn
uzamos use
uzan use
uzando being used
uzar to use
uzarlo to use it
uzas use
uzash use
uzbekistan Uzbekistan
uzo custom, usage, use
va goes
vaka cow
vakansas holiday
vakas cows
valer be worth
valer la pena be worth the trouble
valey valley
validja suitcase
validjas suitcases
valor value, worth
valores valuees, worth
valoroza valuable
valorozas valuable
valorozo valuable
valorozos valuable
valutoza valuable
valutozas valuables
valutozo valuable
valutozos valuables
vamos go
van go
vana vain
vanas vain
vano vain
vanos vain
vapor ship
varia various
varias various
varil barrel
variles barrels
vario various
varios various
varon adult male, man
vas go
vash go
vatikán Vatican City
vava grandmother
vaye valley
vaziar pour
vazio empty
vaziya empty, vain
vaziyas empty, vain
vaziyo empty, vain
vaziyos empty, vain
vazo glass, vase
vazos glasses, vases
ve sees
vedra truth
vedre green
veikolo vehicle
veikolos vehicles
vela flag, sail
vemos see
ven see
vendedor salesman
vendedora saleswoman
vendedoras saleswomen
vendedores salesmen
vender sell
vendida sale
vendidas sales
venezuela Venezuela
vengansa vengeance
vengansas vengeances
vengash en bonora
venida buena
venir come
ventana window
ventanas windows
vente twenty
ventozo windy
ventura luck
veo see
ver see
verbo verb
verbos verbs
verdad truth
veremos let us see
verifikar verify
verse see each other
version version
versiones versions
verso toward
verter pour, spill
ves see
vesh see
vestido clothing, suit
vestidos clothing, suits
vestir wear
vestirse dress, get dressed
veterinara veterinarian
veterinaras veterinarian
veterinaro veterinarian
veterinaros veterinarian
vez instance, time
vezes instances, times
vezina neighbour
vezinas neighbours
vezino neighbour
vezinos neighbours
viaja travels
viajamos travel
viajan travel
viajar travel
viajas travel
viajash travel
viaje travel
viajes travels
viajo travel
vida life
vidas lifes
vidro glass
vidro delantero windscreen, windshield
vidros glasses
vieja old
viejas old
viejo old
viejos old
viernes Friday
vietnam Vietnam
vijita visit
vijitar visit
vijitas visits
viktima victim
viktimas victims
viktoria victory
viktorias victories
vinir come
vino came, wine
vino kolorado red wine
violansia violence
violensia violence
viraje curve
viski whiskey
vista sight, view
vistas sights, views
vistido clothing, suit
vistidos clothing, suits
vistirse get dressed
vital vital
vitamina vitamin
vitrina showcase, showplace
vizina neighbour
vizinas neighbours
vizino neighbour
vizinos neighbours
vo go
vokabulario vocabulary
vokabularios vocabularies
vokal vowel
volontaria voluntary
volontarias voluntaries
volontario voluntary
volontarios voluntaries
voluntad will
voluntaria voluntary
voluntarias voluntaries
voluntario voluntary
voluntarios voluntaries
voraz voracious
vos to you, to yourselves, you
votar vote
votasion vote, voting
vozotras you
vozotros you
vuestra your, yours
vuestro your, yours
vuvuayar address as plural you
vyernes Friday
ya already, at once, indeed
ya basta enough
yakishikli handsome
yakishiklis handsome
yakishikliya handsome
yakishikliyas handsome
yamar to call
yana flat, level
yanas flat, level
yano flat, level
yanos flat, level
yanura plain
yaurchi yogurt pedlar
yaurt yogurt
yaurtchi yogurt pedlar
yave key
yazer to be lying (dead), to lie
yega arrives
yegamos arrive
yegan arrive
yegar arrive
yegaron arrived
yegas arrive
yegash arrive
yego arrive
yelada cold, ice-cream
yeladas cold, ice-creams
yelado cold
yelados cold
yelo frost, ice
yema yolk
yemen Yemen
yena full
yena de djoya bejewelled
yenas full
yeno full
yeno de djoya bejewelled
yenos full
yerno son-in-law
yernos sons-in-law
yerrarse be wrong, make a mistake
yerro mistake
yerros mistakes
yerushalayim Jerusalem
yerva grass, turf
yerva seka hay
yevar carry, take
yevrek sesame-covered bread rings
yiddish yiddish
yidish yiddish
yo I
yogurt yogurt
yora cries
yoramos cry
yoran cry
yorar cry
yoras cry
yorash cry
yoro cry
zambia Zambia
zarzavat vegetables
zaten as a matter of fact, essentially, i any case
zerdeli small apricot
zero zero
zerzevat vegetables
zimbabwe Zimbabwe
zirguela plum
zirguelas plums
zodiako zodiac
zor difficult
éramos we were
ívamos we were going